Did YourIMC steal other people’s products?


So it was Black Friday that I was shopping around for some educational courses online. I then came across a site called yourimc.com ( Your Internet Marketing Courses). My first impression was that wow they are offering pretty cool programs with great discount deals. After searching for a while, I even saw few courses that I have purchased in the past being advertised in this website with much lower prices. Lots of products here are originally sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars by their owners but are now sold for few bucks in yourimc.com

My concern here is that whoever behind this website is basically violating the copyright law. I ran some searches on yourimc.com, and surprisingly found only one complain against it. It came directly from Tony Bandalos, the owner of “F1 AutoCash Formula 2.0”. Here is the link to that article. His product is sold for $197 in his website. Yourimc.com in the other hand is advertising Tony’s product for only $37. This is just one example that I can find. There are hundreds of other products like Tony’s are being violated.

I attempted to contact the owner of yourimc.com through skype and email but so far no respond yet. I have not purchased anything through this website so I don’t know if they even keep their promise to deliver the product to you. If you read the article from Tony Bandalos’s website, he said that his customer got ripped off, so watch out before you decide to buy anything from yourimc.com.

Also remember that you might not be able to get full benefits from some of these products through yourimc.com. For example, sometimes the owners of these products create a private Facebook group for their customers. You will only get access to this group when you buy the products directly from the owners.

Here are few questions I have for you:

Have you purchased anything through yourimc.com and what is your experience?

Do you own some of these products and are you aware that yours are being sold here?

Do you think yourimc.com is doing shady business? If so, please share this post to get other people’s attention and comment below if you have any question.

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