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is leasedadspace a scam


If you come to this post, you are probably wondering what is LeasedAdSpace and is LeasedAdSpace a scam?” The short answer is that it is a MLM program and it is not a scam! But is it easy to make money with LeasedAdSpace?, how does it work?, and is there any better option out there? You might be surprise when I reveal my personal experience with the program.

What is LeasedAdSpace?

LeasedAdSpace is another affiliate program that I have discovered recently. This program is very unique to my point of view since it allows you to earn commission from your downline members (up to your 7th level), and the potential earning is great. It also offers you different packages of advertising.

In order for you to advertise or earn commission, the initial investment is required. Pearl package is the smallest one which will cost you only $7. This is a one time purchase so after you buy this package, you can enjoy using it for as long as you wish until you finish all your impressions. Here, I create a table to show you all different packages that they offer and what you can benefit from them.


One thing to remember is that you cannot buy $147 package or any package without buying the Pearl first. You will have to climb up from one package to another. It means that the total cost for all packages is $399.

How does it work?

Once you sign up and purchase your Pearl package, you will be able to create your own advertisements. Go to Dashboard, that is where you will see all your text, banner and solo email ads. Feel free to create as many ads as you wish and assign number of impressions that you want for each ad.

Other than having the ability to advertise your products, you can also become an affiliate. I think this is the center of attention and what drives people to LeasedAdSpace. According to the website, the program is structured like a 8×7 matrix. Each member who joins will have an opportunity to earn commission from multi lever downlines. As the organization grows to all 7 levels, you will potentially have 2,097,152 members.


The advertising and affiliate programs are in one system where advertising packages are your products. The commission here is 100%. You will not pay to LeasedAdSpace but to the person who refers you to the program. It means that you are selling your advertising packages to your upline member and at the same time, you can keep that package for yourself.

Now, sometimes you will see that you are selling your package or paying to somebody else. Let say, you make a purchase of Amethyst package right after the Pearl one, you will find out that you are paying to someone else who is 2 or even 3 level above you. The reason is very simple. When you buy an Amethyst package, you will give the payment to your upline level 2 member. If he or she doesn’t accept it, it will be passed on to the next upline member until someone accepts the payment.

Also, you can recruit as many people as you wish but what you will earn is $7×8=$56 from 8 of your level 1 referrals. Beyond that, the payment will be spilled over to one of your downline members. To earn from your downline level 2, it’s required that you have to purchase the next package which is Amethyst. Total income that you can get from your level 2 downline members is $7x8x8=$1088. And the process will continue untill you reach your downline level 7 members. The table below shows you what your potential income is from each downline level.


I know it may sound confusing here since I just told you what your total potential income for each level would be, but is it possible to exceed that amount? Yes!, definitely because of the pass on and spill over system as explained above.


There are three ways for you to get paid: Paypal, Payza or SolidTrust. We all know that Paypal is popular nowadays and I recommend everyone should have a Paypal account. However, I still recommend you to create accounts for the other two to avoid losing income since you never know if your downline member has a Paypal account or not. If he or she picks another pay method other than Paypal, you will not get paid and the money will be passed on to your upline members until the payment is accepted.

When making a payment, you will be asked to type in your transaction ID’s number so make sure you type it in correctly. (It’s long). I recommend you to do copy and paste but make sure that there is no extra space at the beginning or ending of the number. This is very important because you can only start advertising and recruiting after your payment is verified by your upline member.

My personal thoughts on LeasedAdSpace

I think this is a good program for everyone who is looking for an extra source of income since the payment is one time and the initial investment is not bad at all, only $7. As you can see that the initial payment is low and the commission is 100% so recruiting one person and you will break even. After that, it is up to you to decide if the program is worth your time and effort.

The down side is that your multi level marketing system may die out if your downline members are not successful at recruiting.

Even though the initial payment is low and signing up with LeasedAdSpace is very convenient, making money with the program is not easy. There are few reasons for it.

First, if you do not have skill on recruiting or have experience in MLM system, you will just sit there and no one will join you.

Second is that the method of payment is a little “fishy”. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the payment or LeasedAdSpace. I have to clarify that again. The program is legit. However, when you make a payment, you actually pay to the person who refers you or your upline member who you do not know. You do not pay to LeasedAdSpace. And that is how people are going to be hesitant!

Also, after testing out their Ads program, I have to say that I am a little disappointed. About the banner ad, with 1000 impressions that I have tested, I got 3 clicks. And about the email ad, the way the system works is NOT effective since people from all over the place keep spamming each other’s email with their offers. I got bombarded with more than 700 emails within a week. If you really believe that someone will actually check out all of these ads, you are making a big mistake!

Is there any better option out there?

There is! I highly recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate. Instead of paying $7 as an initial investment at LeasedAdSpace, you can start for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate. You can try the program out for 7 days before you make a decision whether or not should you upgrade to become a premium member.

If you ask me, is Wealthy Affiliate free forever, the answer is NO. Just like any business model out there, they all ask for membership so that you can fully enjoy the total package. The question you should ask yourself is “Where should I invest?”. Please refer to table below for the cost and what benefits you can get from the program:

After 7 days, if you think the program is not right for you, feel free to walk away without being charged a penny. The 2 websites are for you to keep even after you leave. And if you decide to come back to Wealthy Affiliate one day, all free lessons are still accessible. Just make sure that you remember your username and password though. 🙂

If I were you, I should definitely take advantage of this opportunity, at least to see for yourself how Wealthy Affiliate makes “earning money online” become simple and achievable.

Are you a member of these two programs? Please share your thoughts in the comment and don’t forget to share my post to others!

P.S: Have you heard of LeadsLeap before? Read here to see how you can get 1200 visits to your website!

34 thoughts on “Earn 100% commission with LeasedAdSpace

  1. Interesting article, though to be honest I’m very sceptical about multi level marketing where it is necessary to get many people as your downline to make money. Though Leased Space looks like a good opportunity to make honest money online, I still think that it might be better to make money online as an affiliate marketing, where there’s no necessity to recruit people as your downline. What do you think?

    1. Hey Kristof! Thanks for stopping by. I understand your concern and it’s true that the income you get depends on your downline. In some affiliate marketing programs like Wealthy affiliate you still have to recruit people. The difference here is that programs like Wealthy affiliate only allow you to earn income from your direct referrals, while the MLM companies allow you to earn income from multi downline levels. In both 2 types of program, promoting and recruiting have to stay continuos since your business will die out if your referrals decide to leave.

      Affiliate programs like selling products on Amazon, Ebay,…etc also share the same faith. Your business will die out once you stop promoting.

      Still I have to say that Wealthy Affiliate is a very special program out there. I can see a constant stream of income coming from the program. It also brings out the true meaning of a marketing business since it depends on how hard you work and how well you help your referrals successful in this business because if they are successful, you will be successful.

  2. This is a nice post. I’m all for trying new things and making money. So I will have to give this a try for sure. It seems really good with the 100% commission. That is unheard of nowadays. Thank you for this post and I will share it on my Twitter account and bookmark your site.

    Have you tried this or are you currently doing this?
    If so how is it?

    1. Hi James! Thanks for stopping by and sharing! I have joined it recently I am currently in Pearl package. As you know, this is not a get rich quick scheme so it wil take sometimes and depends on the traffic who come to your website. I think it’s worth the try

  3. Wow, the numbers of possible earnings look very interesting. I really love the idea of MLM. You get 5 people there, and they will do it too and you are rich, but what is their product? What do I get more, than the chance to make money by recommendation ? I’m really considering to join this LeasedAdSpace.

    1. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! The product here is the advertising package. You earn money from recruiting people and also the benefit of the package like impressions. That way, you will never have to buy that package again once you run out of impression. Still if you are in Pearl package, you can only send 1 email per 28 days. As you earn money, use it to upgrade to a higer package

  4. Seems like, an opportunity that promise a lot of potential. Unlike with similar opportunities amounting to several hundreds to thousands of dollars per package, this one looks masses affordable.

    I’ve been in businesses like this before, and the key to success is fast and massive duplication. If you guys can think of a system that can help build teams massively, this one really can work for you. It is easier to recruit for low-cost packages like this, than with thousands of dollars per package.

    If one has a spare money of $7, then why not give it a try?

    1. Hey Gomer! Thanks for stopping by! I agree with you on the massive duplication. And as I have told other people who commented here, the entrance cost is so low that it is definitely worth a try.

  5. Honestly I’ve always been afraid of getting into MLMs, my brother was in one before and not much happened since it was difficult to recruit more members. It does seem like a lot of work, but again getting good results does always take a lot of work. How long has LeasedAdSpace been in business, and how many members do you know that have actually seen success with this?


    1. Hey Chiqui! Thanks for stopping by! There are several types of MLM nowadays. I don’t know which one your brother was in so I cannot make a comparison. However, like you said, it always take hard work to gain success. And from what I see in the internet, the company was pretty new. It was launched last year from what I read. For the number of member, you can see it in their web site. They have roughly 10000 for now.

  6. Hi – many thanks for all the information on this new online money making strategy – I have also read the other comments and it’s like anything in life – if you put enough of hard work and determination into it, it can multiply in a big way. The one major advantage as I see is that it has a very low cost entry level so it is definitely worth taking a look at this – thanks for sharing!!!

  7. This program sounds very similar like Fort Ad Pays. I once registered to Fort Ad Pays and I was about to buy some of their ad package with a hope of earning some money. Then it felt so hard to put the money there because I couldn’t use Paypal or a credit card so I decided not to try. I think it would be worth trying one of these ad-selling platforms. However, I am quite skeptical with these…

    1. Hi Roope. Thanks for stopping by!. I remember you mentioned about For Ad Pays once. I may take a look at their program to see what the differences that they have. And in LeasedAdSpace, you can use Paypal for payment. I personally think it’s worth trying since it has low cost entrance. Once you have your referrals, you will not only earn 100% commission but also the ad package itself. That means you will never have to worry about running out of impressions. Also sometimes, you will get referrals automatically as I mentioned in the post about the spill over rule. You will never know what will happen.

  8. Wonderful review of LeasedAdSpace Kien,

    I am very impressed with your review and also impressed with LeasedAdSpace as I am also a member and earning with this great program.

    If I weren’t already a member I would surely join after reading your review and I would highly recommend for anyone who is reading this review to join as well.

    Thank you Kien for sharing and caring my Friend,


  9. Hi… I’m new to advertising and even the term “impression” is a new thing that I’ve just learnt. Since there are different ads such as banner ads, text ads, solo emails and permanent text classifieds, are they offered separately to you, or do they offset each other? Where are the permanent text classifieds displayed by the way? Now that you have started doing LeasedAdSpace program, have they started paying you already? Cool article though I wasn’t keen on such MLM marketing method, even so with a relatively new firm.

    1. Hey Kiev, Thanks for stopping by! The permanent text classifieds is what you will submit to LeasedAdSpace. And yes they have banner, text add and solo email separately. You are only able create these ads after you sign up and purchase the ad package which will cost you $7. Also, if you read my post carefully, I have mentioned that LeasedAdSpace doesn’t pay its member. When you purchase an Ad package, you make a payment to the person who refers you to the program. After the payment is verified, you will have your package and can start advertising.

  10. Thank you posting this and bringing this program to my attention.
    This is an intriguing one for me because it seems to allow you advertise AND build up an income at the same time. Not too shabby.
    I will definitely look into this one a little bit more before jumping in though because I’m always pretty skeptical when it comes to MLM-style downline building in order to be successful.
    All in all, though, this is absolutely something different from other avenues out there.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. To be honest, this kind of looks like a pyramid scheme to me. It also concerns me just how much you need to invest in this. But I suppose the big question that needs answering is this: does this ad traffic convert? for example, if I was to link the ads to a good landing page, would I get many sign-ups?

    1. Hi Marcus! If you read my post again, I have mentioned that you only have to make one initial investment which will cost you $7. After that, if you see leads are coming, you can use the money you earn to upgrade your plan but it is totally up to you. And to be honest, people who sign up for this don’t care much about the ad program even tho they can take advantage of it to drive traffic to their landing page. I can tell you right now that their ad program is pretty new and they way they operate these ads will only make people click for credits but no one will actually care about your page. For that reason, i still use their ad program but do not have high expectation on it

  12. Thanks for sharing this product. It’s a very good way to get your website out there and even make extra money in the process. There are potential to create a great amount of income if your team is performing well and this product is an innovative way to do it.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to create a strong team and to keep them recruiting consistently?


    1. Hi Amie. Thanks for your comment. There is potential to earn great income from these MLM programs but like you said, we need a good team to do promotion. Unfortunately, I do not have good knowledge on MLM so I cannot tell you more about it but you can check this program out: http://myleadsystempro.com/

  13. Hello author,
    I like the way where you can make money online and the limits of how big you can grow your network is worthwhile if it is a success.
    Pay seven dollars to start off with is not much and I will consider looking into this business venture further but not yet as I have little time to commit,but I think it is worth doing as the risk seem very minimal.

  14. Nice article – Leased Ad Space is a good low-cost opportunity. I think “100% commission” is nice, but not important. The interesting points are that you get paid instantly for your sales, and that there are many levels of commissions.

  15. An interesting new edition to the online advertising space. I’ve been looking to advertise another project of mine towards a particular audience. There are many to choose from with some advert space asking for high payment levels.

    I’ll explore this avenue a little further, thanks for posting this, it could be of real help.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. What I can say about LeasedAdSpace is that they are definitely not scam but they are pretty new in the market so the Ads might not be working the way you expect. However, it is good to give them a try and see it out for yourself. Good luck!

  16. LeasedAdSpace huh? Just goes to show all the opportunities available out there to make money online. I must say, “I’m very intrigued about this opportunity.” However I’m a little bit leary about MLM’s… just hate having to rely on my downline to make money. I’d actually like to hear more about how the advertising platform. Is this quality traffic? Better yet, is the traffic targeted?


    1. I have to say that MLM requires different set of skill. It’s more about team work and your strategy to recruit your downline effectively. I have been using it for more than a week now and as I see, their ads program is very limited. Plus the email ads works is more like spamming than advertising. I would recommend LeadsLeap instead since their system is more developed. Thansk for stopping by!

  17. Very informative article. I would have a couple questions as to where the impressions are coming from? Lots of impressions are great but are you able to target them towards your niche or product? I would be interested in the average conversion % from the impressions at each tier.

    1. Hi Matt, LeasedAdSpace is fairly new and after I tested their ad program, I am disappointed. I tried to advertise wih 1000 impression first and got only 2 clicks. Not sure if they click to read my content or just for credits. Most likely for credit.

  18. This is a great article comparing two different types of income programs. I am not necessarily skeptical of MLM on the face of it but unfortunately there have been a lot of bad eggs out there that have given it a bad name. The one thing that immediately concerns me about this MLM that you are reviewing is that I have seen a lot of similar companies and the bottom line is the product (advertising) is usually junk. It’s worthless because the real business model is simply in the recruiting of other people and that worries me because that is a design intended to collapse on itself sooner or later.

    Not to say that is the case with this particular program, but just others that I have seen like it.

    Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand, I have some experience with as do you, and it is a solid long term opportunity but to your point in the article, does not leverage the power of OPM.

    Thank you so much for the review. I love comparative reviews as it really helps put things into perspective.

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