E Commerce Startup

Lack of capital to start up a business?

Lack of marketing and business management skills?

No time to start a business?

Risk of new business venture?

Let us show you how to start an E commerce business from scratch

Enjoy a FREE one on one coaching session


13 thoughts on “E Commerce Startup

  1. Hi there
    This is great post and great advise. I like your enthusiasm and how motivated you are in an effort to get other people to be able to help themselves.
    I like the line ‘We can make money or make excuses’
    There is literally great opportunities nowadays online so you are correct when you say there are no excuses.
    Great article and well done again
    Cheers…….Phil Browne

  2. Hi

    I enjoyed reading about the network event. Networking events have become very popular and are definitely a good way to meet like minded people and to keep yourself motivated. I would advise anyone near the area to attend. I love the fact that this networking event its free so you really have nothing to lose, but a lot to learn.

  3. I wish I was in the area for this networking event. It’s a great idea and hopefully people will take advantage of it. Networking is always helpful to building a business. There are so many aspects of a business where you can get help by have a network. Good Luck with your networking event.

  4. Hi Kien,
    If i lived in this area i would definitely be signing up. I have been to quite a few ‘events’ like this before, and have always learned something. Of course you always expect a product/course to be ‘pitched to you’ at some point, but building contacts with like minded people is invaluable. The idea behind the workshop is intriguing, and should get quite a few people interested.

  5. Hello

    I like page very smart plan. It let’s you see who is interested in becoming an entrepreneur right away. I like that you are reaching out to states, that’s big. Have you been successful at that type of call-out before? What other creative ways do you attract clients to your business? Also does it lead to good traffic for your website?

    I wish you much success!

  6. I have heard this famous line recently, ‘Money is not the new currency, Knowledge is.’

    I agree with this wholeheartedly.I believe that if you want to become financially free, then you need not only the proper mindset, but the proper knowledge as well.

    If this, workshop, can help me with getting some of that important knowledge, then count me in….


  7. Hello,
    Thank you for the great post. Luv your line too ‘We can make money or make excuses’ as this is so true. I have friends that really want to make money but the excuses they make are amazing to listen to. And the years go by and nothing has changed…

    People really need to read this, look outside their box and take action… no more excuses. Making up excuses just leaves you behind.

    Thank you… am pumped and motivated!


  8. Hello. I like how enthusiastic you are and it is really inspiring. I hate that I don’t live in a state where I could attend one of these. I like the line about making money or making excuses. So many people are looking for a quick dollar but if you put in the work, you will make money.

  9. Is there a webinar available for this workshop? It seems like the topics that are going to be covered would really help to jump start someone in the marketing business create their own source of income and business model. I would love to be a part of this, however I am many states away. I would love to know if you plan to have a live feed or webinar available, or maybe a video of the course available for purchase after the fact? Thanks!

  10. This sounds like a great opportunity to learn a lot of information about my current “work in progress.” I was wondering if
    there will be any networking events in the Washington D.C. area. I’d like to check this out.

  11. Oh how I wished that I was living in those states! You seem to have a wealth of information according to your website. Is there ever a time when you are making webinars to reach those outside those states? I am currently thinking about opening an e-commerce store and would love to get some great tips from the pros. Thank you for your time.

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