The most important settings after installing WordPress

setting up wordpress blog


WordPress blog is widely used among bloggers. The reason for that is because it is user friendly. Most bloggers prefer WordPress platform and for that reason, it is very easy to get help online when you have difficulties.

Now, after launching your first WordPress blog, what should you do next? In this post, I want to discuss some important settings that you need to get done in order for your blog to be optimized and search engines friendly.

Delete your default Post, Page, and Comment

A lot of time when I come across a new WordPress blog, here is what I see:

how to set up wordpress blog

Make sure that you delete the default post, page, and comment. Simply log into your back office, go to “Comments”, check on the box next to the default comment, select “Bulk Actions / Move to Trash”. You can do the same thing to Post and Page.

how to set up wordpress blog

General Settings

General Settings are what you need to look at next. Simply go to “Settings / General” and below is what you will see. Yours might look slightly different depending on what theme you are using.

How to set up wordpress blog
General Settings

Site Title is the name of your website. Tagline is a short description of what your site is about. Membership is where you allow guest posting in your site. Leave the box “Anyone can register” unchecked if you don’t plan to let people register to post things in your page.

Time zone can be confusing to some folks so here is how to choose time zone. UTC stands for Universal Time Coordinated. WordPress gives you the UTC. In the image above, it is: 2016-10-16, 17:21:26. Let’s assume that your local time is 2016-10-16, 12:21:26, simply pick UTC-5 from the list since your local time is 5 hours earlier than the UTC.

Check on Discussion Settings

Go to “Settings / Discussion”, below is what you will see:

How to set up wordpress blog

These are recommended settings that I suggest you to follow. It is up to you to modify these settings based on your own preferences.

WordPress also offers Comment Moderation and Comment Blacklist. Comment Moderation is for anti spam. Your visitors’ comment will be held in queue if it contains some certain words or exceed the number of hyperlinks which are allowed by you.

Comment Blacklist will automatically put one’s comment in the trash if it contains certain words which are set up by you.

Check on your Permalinks Setting

Your Permalink is the directory of your post/page. By default, WordPress picks “Plain” option. Even though it is short, you don’t want that because it is not SEO friendly. “Post name” is recommended. This option will tell WordPress to select your permalink the same as the title of your page/post.

With this option, you can always change your permalink to something else when you write or update your content. Let’s say that you want to target two different keywords. One is in the title and another is in the permalink.

How to set up wordpress blog
Permalink Setup

Update your Ping list

Whenever you publish a new post or update an old one, WordPress will signal all the ping services that you have in your list. This will help search engines find your content faster.

To update this list, go to “Settings / Writing” and here is what you will see:


Go to my Ping Services page and copy the list over to your website. (It is a very long list.)

Install All In One SEO Pack Plugin

There are many different plugins which support your website and help you engage your audience. To me, the first and most important plugin you should install is a SEO plugin. It helps you optimize your page effectively and avoid mistakes which potentially are harmful to your page rank.

My recommendation is “All In One SEO Pack”. This plugin is popular since it has more than 30 millions downloads. To install this plugin, first go to “Plugins / Add New” from your WordPress back office. Search for “All in one SEO pack”, then install and activate the plugin.

Other than some basic settings, All In One SEO plugin also comes with 7 free features:

  • XML Sitemaps
  • Social Meta
  • Robots.txt
  • File Editor
  • Importer & Exporter
  • Bad Bot Blocker
  • Performace

The last feature that they have is Video Sitemap which is available for Pro membership.

To understand how to configure the basic settings, please refer to the video below:

They also have a Pro version that you can purchase for advance settings. For more information on what the Pro version offers, please check out here. It comes with an affiliate program that you can earn 40% commission. Click here to join. You will get accepted immediately and can start promoting All In One SEO Pack Pro.

Do me a favor! If you reach to this point of my post, please click on the share button to spread the words out to others and comment below if you have any question! Much appreciate!

41 thoughts on “The most important settings after installing WordPress

  1. I found your post to be very helpful. I had a recent issue with my permalink setting and your post helped to clear that up for me.
    I think this post will be very helpful for all newbies and even for people like me who’ve been here over a year. It was like a refresher course.
    Thank you,
    Edward Mijarez

  2. Wow! When I read the title of your post I thought, “Oh yeah I know all this stuff”, but It only took a quick scan of your content to show me that I didn’t, and I’ve set up a few blogs. Did you learn all this stuff at Wealthy affiliate? If so that demonstrates a significant depth of information available and I’m impressed.

    Oh and thanks for sharing your ping list, very cool 🙂


  3. Thanks for the help. I never have understood what permalinks are and how to fill out that information. I am grateful for your help. And I never knew that All in One SEO had a pro version. What does the pro version provide that the free version does not? Is there somewhere I can to to get that information?

  4. Hey there, This is a good article of how to set up wordpress blog.

    I personally am running a lot of wordpress powered websites myself and you certainly offered some information I didnt know. For example, updating the ping ping list, I have never done that! Do you think this is a crucial aspect?

    Thanks for the great information!

    1. Hey Ken,

      As explained, ping services will help search engines find your new post or update faster. It depends on if you think if this is a crucial aspect to you?

      And you are welcome!

  5. Very informative post! I love the fact that you have visuals that make it easy to follow along. I believe everyone who’s new to WordPress should read this article as it will help them out with their first steps towards a successful blog.

    And good looking out letting us know about All In One SEO and it’s affiliate program. I for one didn’t know they had one. Thank you for that information Kien!

  6. A great article that is really helpful. WordPress can be confusing at times. It is not intuitive, so I appreciate the step-by-step instructions. I am not sure I understand the purpose of updating a ping list. Could you explain why it is important and how it is used by search engines? Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

    1. Hi Laura,

      Whenever you post something or update an old content, WordPress will signal all the ping services that you have in your list. Doing so will help search engines find your page faster. This is the reason why it is important.

  7. Really helpful guide you have here on wordpress. I especially like your advice on updating my ping list. Never knew about that. I love all in one seo pack. It literally makes all the seo work automatic. You don’t have to care about tags meta tags and all these hard to understand stuff. You just write good content and all in one seo makes the work for you.

  8. Thank you! I’m about to start a new blog, and after your article I am even more certain WordPress will be my platform. Your post was informative and explained a few things I knew but have maybe forgotten. Great information to get even a novice started! What are some of your other sources for optimizing your blogs?

    1. Thanks for stopping by. If you are new and looking for a way to monetize your blog, please check out this post here. The key is to write high quality content and target the right keywords. You can check out my post on how to improve your page ranking for more information on how to use keywords effectively.

  9. Hi Kien,

    Nice post. I actually followed through and look at my wordpress settings.

    Regarding the Trashing of the defaults post, page and comments, i personally will use Trash instead of Bulk Action. Worried that i might screw things up.

    I particular like the list of Ping Services list. I didn’t know that. And i have only 1 in my settings. By the way i think there is a typo error, You wrote “Pink” Services.

    Great Post!


  10. Hello. I just wanted to post a quick comment to say thanks for posting this useful information. I have been looking around lots of posts like this recently to get different opinions. Although most of the settings listed here are what I use or my own blog, there is something that I have recently discovered that you have covered here.

    I know there are a lot of different opinions when it comes to SEO and search engine ranking. But a couple of months ago I noticed a problem on my website after making some changes within the settings and I couldn’t figure it out. I had followed the advice of someone online who claimed to know a lot about SEO and they advised to make several changes. After a couple of weeks I suddenly had a drop in search traffic and I couldn’t figure out why. That was until a visitor to my site asked me about “ping update services”. I started to investigate and was surprised to discover that it would seem that adding additional update services can actually affect your search engine position. I have now made the changes back to the default settings and hope that will sort things out.

    I wrote about my findings on my blog at the “Make Money Online Zone” website if you are interested in learning more.

    Just thought I would share this in hope that it might help.



    1. Hey Andrew,

      Thank you for your input! I have read your post and others that you pointed out. My thought is ranking depends on many factors. If you want to check if ping services is the only contributor to your ranking, you will have to make sure that other factors are not involved like keywords, backlinks, traffic,…

      In the post that Ana wrote, she said that pinging too many times can get you banned. So my question is if you shorten your list to one or two ping services, are you not going to ping those services every time you update your content? No because if you update your content 10 times, you are still sending out 10 signals to the services that you have in your list. Therefore shorten your list won’t help.

  11. Hey Kien! Great tutorial, I have a wordpress blog but I wish I have configured all the settings you mentioned since the beginning, all of them are basic to have your website ready to publish your content, I’m not going to make the same mistake in my next blog, your article is very helpful for people who wants to build a website, thanks for sharing.

  12. Thanks for the helpful post. One of the mistakes I made when I first built a website was to neglect All in One SEO Plugin. I didn’t explore the features and as a result my on-page SEO was less optimal.

    It’s always good to follow the guidelines of these settings whenever you write your content. It’s important to have the readers in mind, but it’s equally vital to have it indexed and ranked by Google.

  13. This is great. As you say it’s easy to find out how to set up a WordPress Blog, but not what to do next. getting the settings right is what is essential to your blog looking the best it can be.

    I have bookmarked this for the future. Great stuff!

  14. Hey Kien,

    Learning to use WordPress fully serves a great benefit. I remember when I first got my WordPress site, it was quite a difficult task to manage it.

    Things like ping list and permalink settings were Turkey to me, I couldn’t understand a thing!

    Newbies who want to be WordPress experts soon need to read this!

  15. I really am glad I found this post, as it was very informative and I was able to tweek some of my settings according to the directions in your post. I didn’t learn any of this thru the training. This was great stuff for me. I was a little bit unclear on updating the ping list. I didn’t have a long list :/

  16. Wow, this was so helpful indeed. I had my website set up, but your tutorial was really helpful in ensuring I had the right settings. And thanks for helping me to update my Ping Services, that was awesome. You certainly seem to know the tricks of the trade. Thank you for sharing this, I look forward to continuing to check back and learn how to improve my business.

  17. Very informative used are clear and easy to understand and follow instuctions. It took me days to come up with my blog and understand how it works. there are things i still dont know yet. Like is it possible for me to change the font size? if so, how do i do it?

    1. Yes, make sure that you have the toolbar toggle on so that the second toolbar will show up and you will see where it say “paragraph”. You can go there and change font size.

  18. Hi There
    I thought that I knew the basic settings on how to optimize my website, but I guess that I was wrong.

    I did not know about the need to update the Ping List. In fact I did not even know what the Ping List was, until I read your blog.

    This is good to know. Do you think that there is still a need to update it, if one’s site is 7 months old?

    Thanks for the lesson.

  19. Hi,

    I came across your page and was really impressed at how thorough the information is. I have a WordPress blog set up and I was pretty sure that I had all the the proper settings in place. I only learned about the Ping list after reading your post.

    Great tutorial and very helpful! I am going to keep it bookmarked for future reference.


  20. Thanks for this post on setting up a WordPress Blog and all the important settings you need after installation!

    With modern day website builders such as Site-rubix, installing a WordPress website is fairly easy, but all these little extras that you need to set up can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing.

    Your post has explained what important settings you need and are well explained with screenshots.

    Very helpful post!


  21. Hi Kien, Great stuff! I really liked the ping info. For the longest time, I never knew what ping was or what it did. Now I know. I copy/paste that Long list. I guess anything I post or update after Oct, 28 (this is when I copy/pasted the list) will become effective then.

  22. After reading this article only one words comes out from my mind that is “wow” as this post has really help me a lot. You used the pictures in this article are pretty nice, it is clear and easy to understand and follow instructions. You certainly seem to know the tricks of the trade. So thanks for sharing your valuable ideas with us.

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