How to submit a website to search engines

how to submit your website to search engines


After setting up your WordPress blog or website, what should you do next? In this post, I want to discuss step by step on how to submit a website to search engines, Google and Bing. Yahoo search is powered by Bing. Therefore, your site will be indexed in Yahoo once it is indexed in Bing.

I highly recommend you to install All In One SEO plugin. For more information about it, please read my post here. The reason for that is because you will need to generate a sitemap for your website. A sitemap will help search engines understand the structure of your site and know what links to follow and not to.

How to create a sitemap?

If you use All In One SEO plugin then first go to “All In One SEO / Feature Manager” and activate the XML Sitemap. Once it is activated, you will see XML Sitemap appeared under All In One SEO.

how to submit a website to google

Next, you will need to go into XML Sitemap to adjust some features in there. Please watch the video below for instruction. (Watch from 3:40)

After you have your sitemap ready, next step is to get your website indexed in search engines.

How to submit a website to Google?

First, go to Google Webmasters, click on “Add a property” and type in your website address. Make sure that you add both and The reason for this is because you don’t know which one your visitors will use so it is better to index both 2 addresses.

how to submit a website to google
Add your website

Next step is to verify ownership of your website. There are many ways to do it but below is how I verified mine. Choose “Alternate methods” tab and select HTML tag. Google will give you a code as follow. You just need to copy the part where I have my code replaced by…..Oh don’t click on it. I have warned you! 😀

verify ownership of your website
Verify ownership of your website

Once you copy the code, go back to your back office and select “All In One SEO / General Settings”. Scroll down to where it says “Webmaster Verification” and paste the code in Google Webmaster Tools.

Then you will need to go back to Google Webmasters and click “Verify”.

After verifying your site ownership, you will see your site information begin to populate. Next is to set your preferred domain. Pick one of the two above as your preferred domain. Doing this will help Google find out which domain to follow and crawl. It will also affect the presentation of your URL in the search result. For more information on this matter, please read here.

how to submit a website to google
Set preferred domain

Now, it is time to add sitemap to Google Webmasters. To folks who use All In One SEO plugin, you will see this message in your back office after your sitemap is generated:

how to submit a website to google
It means that the plugin will submit your sitemap to search engines for you. If you are skeptical about this, you can always add your sitemap to Google by yourself. In Google Webmasters, go to “Crawl / Sitemap”, click on “Add/Test Sitemap” and type in the address of your sitemap. Usually, it is sitemap.xml but to make sure, please check for it again in your WordPress back office.

google sitemap

Another thing you want to look at is the Search Appearance. If you use All In One SEO, you don’t have to worry about this. However, there is a section called Sitelinks that you won’t find it in All In One SEO. They are the subheadings in the search result. (See image below) Sometimes, Google will display Sitelinks of your site


You cannot control when your sitelinks are displayed. Google will decide if the structure of your site allows Google’s algorithms to find good sitelinks of your site and if your sitelinks are useful to visitors or not. What you can control is what links you do not want to be displayed.


To manage this, click on the “i” next to Search Appearance. A new window will pop up and that’s where you can manage your sitelinks.

Above are some basic settings in Google Webmasters that you want to perform before you start writing content. Let’s move on to Bing.

How to submit your website to Bing?

Once you know how to do it for Google, it will be easy with Bing since you are familiar with all the steps now. In fact, submitting your website to Bing is even faster. You need to sign in to Bing WebMaster first. (Create an Hotmail account if you do not have one).

When you login, click on “Add”, and type in your website address and your sitemap directory.

how to submit your site to Bing

Next step is to verify your website ownership. Bing also gives you a similar code to Google. Copy and paste it into Bing Webmaster Center section under “All In One SEO / General Settings”.

Don’t forget to go back to Bing WebMaster to click “Verify”.

Other than allowing you to submit a sitemap, Bing also gives you an option to submit individual URLs. A sitemap helps Bing to crawl your entire website and it may take Bing sometimes to do it. “Submit URLs” on the other hand is a short cut to Bing index. If you have an important content, it is very good to use this tool. Your post will get indexed instantly. There is a limit for this tool though. You are allowed to submit 50 links a month and 10 links a day.

Another feature in Bing is “Crawl control”. Here, you can set up the time your site is most busy (when it receives the most traffic). Bing will decide to crawl your site when it is less busy. If your site is new, this is not very important. For sites which have high traffic volume, this is very important since you don’t want Bing’s bot to jam up your traffic. Remember that you have a limited hosting bandwidth.

Bing also has a similar feature to Google’s Sitelinks. It is called “Deep Links”. It has the same concept as Sitelinks, you can only choose what links you don’t want to be displayed. A blocked link will be expired after 90 days which can be extended.

Disavow Links” is another cool feature. This is to submit domains or pages that contain links to your site that appear to be spam or low quality.

how to submit your website to bing
Bing DashBoard

There are many other features in Google and Bing Webmaster that you can study but above are some basic features which are important to your site’s health. They will help optimize your page and improve ranking for your content. You should check on Google and Bing Webmaster site often since they generate lots of helpful data reports for you to look at.

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51 thoughts on “How to submit a website to search engines

  1. I too have a tutorial that explains step by step how to submit your website to the search engines. I have 2 tutorials: 1 for Google and 1 for Bing. You gotta have sitemaps, plus you can easily hook up Google Analytics afterwards. I wrote my tutorial with a lot of steps because I find that people have a lot of problems accomplishing this job. One of the difficulties is when you copy the meta code, you don’t use the entire only need the section between the quotation marks.
    Thank you,
    Edward Mijarez

  2. I found your post informative and I tried to follow to activate my All-in-one SEO. However, in the menu, I have only: general setting, Performance and Feature Manager as the only context menu that dropped. Is there anything I’m skipping? Or I’m using a different version of WordPress? Kindly guide me.

    1. Hi there. You are correct that you only see 3 main menu under All In One SEO. You will need to go into Feature Manager to activate different features in there and they will show up under All In One SEO.

  3. Informative. And, amazing!

    I got all my sites indexed without ever submitting them to Google. They naturally got indexed. But if someone is in haste of getting indexed and getting ranked, then one should follow your tips here.

    I’d like to add my tip: It is important to understand that indexing of sites are done by Google bots coming to your site, and then reporting back to Google. When they are not coming to you in spite of having a lot of posts, calling their attention by using the methods you have discussed, is okay. Another way to call their attention, is to put up a bridge where they can cross from a popular location where they frequently visit, over to your post. And that’s by posting in a popular site that allows “do follow” linking.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but that’s how I see it working.

    1. Yes, you are correct! There are lots of different ways to get your site indexed. However, let’s say if we are dealing with Google, the best way is to go straight to them and knock on their door which is why going to Google Webmasters is important. The point is to know as many ways as possible and do as many as you can. Some website actually get indexed in couple hours for this reason.

  4. I’ve submitted my sitemap to Google some times ago and I’m about to do it for Bing very shortly as it has come up in my training with WA.

    So this is very timely as i read the part in your post on How to submit a website to Bing with interest. Thank you for the info here as I now know what to expect.

  5. Hello thanks for the information on how to get your website indexed.
    I tried to get my blogger website indexed or rank at least in the top 100 search engine but I am not having much success with this.
    I decided to try a WordPress blog post instead and the results i’m getting on my new web site the results were a lot better.
    My next step is to set up Google Webmaster Tools etc..thanks to your website I can do this with your step by step instructions.
    Thanks for your help.

  6. Very nice, I read and followed through the video tutorial, it was easy to be honest. And I never knew about XML sitemap settings in that plugin…I installed Google XML sitemap to get the file, even though I never realized all in one SEO have that.

    Awesome tutorial, easy to follow. Thank you

    1. They have many other free features in there so use them if you think they are beneficial to you. And you are welcome! I am glad I could help!

  7. Hey,

    I see that you can actually get your website indexed manually, as you call it, “knocking on their door through the Webmaster tools”. I never knew that this was possible.

    I thought it was supposed to be indexed naturally.

    One quick question, can you follow the same tips for a free website? And can you get the free website ranked on top positions above the paid domains?

    1. Hi Dave.

      You need to understand that indexing a website here is to tell a search engine that “hey I am exist, take a look at me”. If you do nothing but writing content, eventually your page will get indexed. It might take months though. However, if you actively try different ways to index your site, then search engines will notice you in couple of hours. This is also good for your future post to be recognized quickly.

  8. Hi,

    I would like to make use of the “Search Appearance” feature. Where exactly do I tweak that? Also, how do you mean when you say “Sitelinks?” Is it literally the links available on your site and Google will just decide the relevance before showing it on the Search Appearance? I have always wanted to utilise this feature. I hope you can show me how.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi there,

      You just need to look for where it say “Search Appearance”. There is a circle with an “i”. Click on it and a new window will open up.

      Yes, Sitelinks are links of your website and Google will decide if it will show your sitelinks depending on the structure of your website and if your sitelinks are helpful to the visitors. You can only control what sitelinks you don’t want to be displayed.

  9. Hello I was wondering if you are indexed on Google will you be automatically indexed in,Yahoo and Bing?
    I have already done the webmaster tools and the sitemap thing thanks to your website.
    I will bookmark your website just incase I do decide to start a new Blog myself.
    I am very new to website building and I realize that learning this stuff is important to getting your website indexed quicker.

  10. Quite a helpful guide you have here. For every internet marketer or blogger, anyone working with seo for that matter, the search engines are the most important way to get traffic. If they love you then the opportunities are endless. That’s why it is so important to submit your website/blog to google or any other search engine like bing, yahoo and such. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. Hello,
    I am currently working on a website and your step by step instruction is great. It helps to know I am doing it right the first time using your site. It is refreshing when someone uses terms I can understand and follow without writing a thesis.
    Thanks for your site and sharing your knowledge.

  12. This is a great breakdown of getting websites indexed, really informative stuff, im gona bookmark this right now so i can refer to it as a step by step guide anytime.

    I do wonder about indexing with my posts a lot, and this is one of the best breakdowns ive seen, so i will also share it with anyone i know that sets up a new website.


  13. Thanks for this help.

    I also got all my sites indexed without ever submitting them to Google within a few weeks I was indexed, but getting your website indexed manually through Webmaster looks like it would definitely speed up the process.
    I’m still looking to get indexed on Yahoo and Bing so I will be using these tips.

  14. I must admit that this is one of the technical parts of a website that I don’t quite understand. It takes some time getting used to terms like sitemap or webmaster or crawl which I think is very scary for me as a beginner. You, however, explained it well step-by-step using images and a video to help make the subject lighter.

    What resources would you recommend me in order to understand these technical stuff more? Because I really want to take control of the things I can control in my website and not just wonder off in the jungle of search engine webmasters.

    1. You can come back to my site for more information since I am planning to post lots of posts like this in near future. Also, Youtube is a good resource.

  15. I was browsing through your website, and when I first saw the title of this post I sighed. Why? Because I thought it was going to be outdated advice about how to manually submit your website to lots of different search engines. But I am relieved to see your advice is pretty accurate. Having a sitemap and a Google Search Console account is the best way forward. That way, Google knows who you are and is more likely to trust you. I’m glad you included Bing, too. Bing should not be over-looked, since it is approximately a 3rd of the web search traffic. It’s well worth being ranking in Bing and Yahoo for sure.

  16. Thank you for sharing this valuable information, I too am an online entrepreneur, but as the saying goes, you are never too old to learn a new trick and I have picked up quite a number of things from your post that I can put to very good use.

    Thank you so much for making the effort to write such a rich informative post, they say sharing is caring.

  17. Thanks for the interesting post on submitting a website to Google and Bing. I already have my site set up with Google, but I do have to say that reading through your lesson I learned a few more excellent steps that I need to do to correct some issues and to verify my site. I have yet to set it up with Bing, but I will give it a try following your steps.
    Again, thanks for the information and I will pass it along to others as well.

  18. This is a very comprehensive and informative guide. I have learned so much from it and I know that many others will too. I also like how you went through the steps with images that made it very easy to follow and understand for people who are new to this. Have you had any experience with backlink services? Do they work to get your link submitted to search engines?

    tfs 🙂

    1. The part where I mentioned about backlinks is when you discovered a bad one. Let’s say someone’s website is talking about fashion and in there, they mention a link of your website which is about science. This is not relevant and can cause some damage to your ranking. In this case, you submit this person website to search engines to disavow that backlink. What search engines will is they will not follow this link. That will save you from having trouble with ranking.

  19. I am really glad I found your post. I have only submitted my site to Google and not to Bing. Is it as important to get submitted there as it is to other search engines? I don’t have a Hotmail account, and you have to have one to use the webmaster tools? I hope it is fairly straight forward. I know that I had a heck of a time with my site map :/

    1. Bing is managed by Microsoft and this guy uses hotmail, just like google uses gmail. If you want to get access to Bing, of course you will need an hotmail account. Just like when you enroll in an online program, you will have to create an account with that program.

      If you have not created a sitemap yet, I suggest you to do it right away. Watch the video I have in there for more information.

  20. Great tutorial! The video was very helpful. Didn’t realize that submitting my site to Bing was important.

    Is there a way to have google and Bing re-index your site? Is that something you have to do often? I only ask because I am trying to make a new post every day on my blog. I am curious how long it takes for the search engines to find my new blog post.

    1. Index here is to help search engines crawl your entire website. If you use All In One SEO, there is an option for you to choose how often you want to update your sitemap. I chose monthly.

      About your new posts, When you publish a new post, WordPress will signal all the ping services that you have in your list. You can check out this post for more information:

      It won’t take long for search engines to find your new post. Sometimes it take 20 – 30 minutes, sometimes, it takes few hours. The important thing here is if your content is in high quality to get ranked.

  21. Thank you for the step-by-step process. I found Google indexed my site as I was reading your post! I have been having trouble now getting the verification code for Google Webmaster. How do I obtain it if I’ve already been indexed? Is it still useful to have that in my SEO pack if I’ve already been indexed?

    1. Hey George, The code is to verify your website ownership with search engines, not to index your site. You have to verify your ownership first before you can submit a sitemap. Just follow my instruction and you only need to copy the code between the two “……”. Copy it over and paste it in All In One SEO. The code has to be in your website all the time so search engines know that you are still the owner of that page.

  22. I enjoyed your post. I am in the process of redesigning my web site. I have submitted web sites to Google, but not Bing your information will be very helpful. I am going to bookmark it. The fact that you can study reports from both search engines on your sites health. Thanks for the information.

  23. Great information on how to index your site. I recently created a site as a novice and it’s now obvious to me that there’s so much more to it after creating content. Webmaster tools to help you optimise your site are essential. Thanks for making it easy to get my site indexed. This helps a lot.

  24. Interesting post. I’ve always submitted my sitemaps to Google only. Will try to do Bing aswell. Does it make a big difference when you submit it to both?

    1. You need to understand what is the purpose of submitting a sitemap. A sitemap help search engines understand the structure of your site. If you use All In one SEO, this plugin will automatically update a sitemap for you. You can set it daily/weekly or monthly. What it does is anytime you decide to change the link directory to your content, it will be update to your sitemap. Then your sitemap will be updated to search engines. This will avoid broken links.

      Sometimes, when you change your links and forget to notice search engines, they will not be able to crawl to your post because the old link is no longer exist.

  25. It is an amazing and informative article. Recently i have built website 15 days ago but still it is not indexed in google and bing. I have been searching for a step by step process. Finally, i got it from you. I recommend your website if any one having any problem with indexing. All the best.

  26. Hi,

    I recently did this for a new site and was indexed within 7 days. It seemed pretty quick to me, although I was still impatient. Aren’t we all, desperate for Google and Bing to notice us.

    Look at me, look at me, but if you don’t tell them you’re there you could be waiting a long time before your site gets seen and indexed.

    It’s great that All In One SEO has the feature that allows you to get the sitemap and other information from your site easily to help you do this. I must admit it took me a while to figure this out but now that I have it has some other great features and is an included feature when you build your sites with Siterubix.

  27. Ironically, I was just wondering about the sitemaps feature on the All In One SEO plugin so this information was quite helpful to me.

    tfs 🙂

  28. I love how you walk us through this process as I personally find it a bit confusing on my own. I was wondering how you learned about how to do this? Self taught or did you learn it from someone?

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