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If you are asking “Is LeadsLeap a scam”, the answer is no! But how does LeadsLeap work and what are advantages and disadvantages of this program? Please read my post to find out!

What is LeadsLeap?

I got introduced to LeadsLeap a week ago from a buddy and my first impression about the website is that it is a great system for you to gain traffic. The services are great and and as a free member, you get access to everything that a premium member does but the premium member can earn double by performing the same tasks.

LeadsLeap runs on a credit system which can be earned by you watching other people’s ads or by traffic clicking on your Ad Widget. You then can convert credits into cash with minimum credits requirement of 50. LeadsLeap has a big advantage over Google AdSense at an aspect that you are allowed to click on the ads and to ask other people to do the same. With Google AdSense, this act is strictly prohibited and you can get banned if you break this rule. Also, if you have enemies and they constantly click on the ads on your page, you will get banned as well. A big thumb up for LeadsLeap on this!

What does LeadsLeap offer you?

  • Creating your own ads
  • Watching other people’s ads
  • Downline Messages
  • 10-Level-Downline
  • Traffic Tracking tool
  • OTO List Builder Script
  • All-In-One Popup Generator
  • Affiliate program

When you first sign up to LeadsLeap, you may get swamped with information because indeed, it does have a lot of things going in there. Therefore, I will break down each section and show you how it works.

Advertising Programs

They have Free Ads, Pro Ads, and Downline Message program. All members can access to Free Ads program where you can advertise your blog, website, affiliate sites,…etc. As a free member, you will get to create 3 ads maximum. A premium member can create up to 10 ads. The important thing to do here is to add LeadsLeap widget in your blogs/websites. Your ads will then be featured inside LeadsLeap’s community and in other member’s blogs/websites. According to LeadsLeap, there are more than 4000 websites operated by their members. It means that your ads will be visible to not only LeadsLeap’s community but also to traffic coming from other members. You will need 1 credit for your ads to be shown in the network. As I mentioned above, credits are earn by watching ads or sending traffic to watch ads in the network.

Pro Ads are reserved for Premium member only. You can create up to 10 ads and other than all features above, your Pro Ads will be sent out in daily email to other members.

Click an ad to see how LeadsLeap will present your ad. Try to locate the blue button at the bottom of the page. That’s where you can rate ads.

Downline Message is a way for you to communicate with your downline members. LeadsLeap offer 10-level-lead system. If you do not know what it is, I will explain it later. In a 10-level-lead system, you only know your direct referrals. It means once your leads grow to thousands of members, you will not be able to know who they are and how to reach out to them. Therefore, Downline Message comes in the play. You can create your message like the one below and it will be visible to all of your downline members. Here, I am seeing my Upline Messages:


The Downline Messages also offer credits to LeadsLeap members who click on these messages. And of course, as the one who create the messages, you will also earn credits.

Theses programs also give you opportunity to earn “Daily Revenue Share” and “Weekly Revenue Share”. For “Daily Revenue Share”, free members will earn 5% and premium members will earn 10% of LeadsLeap’s community average daily earning in the past 30 days. To be qualified for this, you have to view at least 10 ads/messages a day.

For “Weekly Revenue Share”, free members will earn 15% and premium member will earn 30% of LeadsLeap’s community average weekly earning in the past 4 weeks. Here is the difference from the “Daily Revenue Share”, your credits will be generated based on the traffic you send to the network. It means that only 3rd parties can help you earn “Weekly Revenue Share”.

The 10-Level-Downline System

The 10-Level-Downline system is what makes LeadsLeap special. When you refer someone to LeadsLeap, they will become your direct referrals or your level 1. Those that your level 1 refers are your level 2 and so on…Here is how it looks in a chart:


As you can see in the example above (from LeadsLeap’s website), the person has 68 direct referrals, and his 10-Level-Downline system has grown to 21407 members. This powerful organization will help you generate great amount of traffic. Not only you can direct traffic to your personal blogs/websites, but also you can earn great amount of credits through the Advertising Programs that they have in LeadsLeap.


The table above shows you how many credits you are able to earn from your organization based on the number of your level 1 (Personal Referrals). If you have less than 20 personal referrals, you will earn 5% credits from your referrals ONLY. This will NOT include the credits generated from their referrals. When you have 20 personal referrals and above, you will enjoy all 10 levels overriding credits.

Another thing that I really like is the “Spillover Level”. This one is applied only to premium members. As you know, the 10-Level-Downline system has a lot of members within it. What if someone in a upline level decides to cancel his or her account? That will leave a vacant spot and it will be taken automatically over by a premium member. Here you go, you will be taking over some great leads!

Traffic Tools

The Real Tracker:

This is a great tool to help you track your traffic. It can give you information on who actually interacts with the ads on your website. How long your visitors surf on your link. It can also let you know if your visitors open the link from an application or an email or a direct link.

OTO List Builder Script:

The OTO List Builder Script itself is an autoresponder system which will help you manage emails, ads, banners and affiliate program.

Basic server requirements are:

  • PHP 5.3 or higher, compatible with any UNIX or LINUX servers.
  • MySQL 4.0 or higher
  • CRON access
  • Sendmail installed

PopupXpert Manager:

The program offers exit popups, slideup bar, corner slider, animated end-of-post opt-in form, animated sidebar widget and many more. “Exit-Popup” will activate the popup only when the visitor is about to leave the site. “End-of-page Popup” will activate the popup only when the visitor finish reading your blog. You can make it as an animated slideout from the corner, bottom, top,…etc. Or you can even make it as a static widget that will animate when visitor sees it.

One more note for you is that you can get all these awesome tools above for FREE. No tricks, no opt-in needed.

Affiliate Program

About referral program, you will get 25% (free member) and 50% (premium member) as a commission for one successful refer. If you do not know what an affiliate program is, please click here. LeadsLeap will allow you to make double your earning if you decide to become a premium member.  It costs $27/month. They are offering 26% discount which will cost you only $19.9/month as a welcome offer for new member so join NOW to take full advantage of it. When you just start out at LeadsLeap, as a premium member, you will get about 800 to 1200 visitors a month through the advertising program. It depends on the quality of your ads so the better the quality is, the higher the number of visitors is.

How does the payment work?

Payments are made through paypal and you can cash out when you reach $10. If you do not want to cash out manually, then the system will do it for you every time you reach $100. Paypal will charge 2% as a service fee so the amount you get will be after the 2% deduction. Payment will be made within 15 days upon cashing out.


  • Generating great traffic
  • Advertising  ads in other member’s websites
  • Earning 10 levels overriding credit
  • Spillover Level
  • Getting auto referrals as a premium member
  • Free traffic tools
  • Affiliate program


  • Converting credits into cash is allowed only 1 time a day (minimum 50 credits)
  • The more credits you encash, the lesser the encash value per credit

How do you know if LeadsLeap is for you? If your niche is related to:

  • Online marketing
  • Making money online
  • E-commerce products
  • Advertising
  • Losing weight or fat
  • MLM programs


1st month leadsleap

2nd month leadsleap

join leadsleap

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125 thoughts on “Get 1200 visits per month with LeadsLeap

  1. Thanks for your insights of the Leadsleap program. This will certainly educate those who have seen it advertised online, but still contemplating whether to try or not.

    I, too, has Leadsleap ads on my sites. I am an AdSense publisher, so one would wonder, why add Leadsleap if you already have AdSense on your site?

    Well, the reason is, AdSense is sometimes too hard to tame. I mean, if your site is about home business opportunities, oftentimes, the ads that appear are not much related to the content. With Leadsleap, majority of the ads are about making money. So, highly related.

    If you have a site that’s about making money, this one is worth joining.

    1. Hey thanks for the comment, buddy. You are right about the ads contents. Very helpful for those who have online-marketing niche. And yeah Leadsleap will be a good option for people who get disqualified by Google Adsense.

  2. Great detailed information on LeadsLeap. I have read about it somewhere before but only understands how it works now. Like the way you explain how every section works. It helps you make up your mind about joining. The real tracker tool seems to be a very useful thing. You certainly convinced me to check it out.

    I do have a question, is it easy to join? Do you need to be approved first? And how does the payments work? Paypal?

    1. Hey Ninene! Thank you for your concern. I understand that it’s very overwhelming when you first check something out since everything looks new and there are just too many things to discover so I tried to be detailed and clear as much as possible. And to answer your question, it is very easy to join and no approval needed. I added the payment section on my post so please feel free to check it out. (Bottom of the post

  3. HI there buddy!

    Excellent overview of the system and thanks for sharing it with us! really appreciated.

    I can the advantages and benefits of this form of having other people’s ads on my site Vs more famous and well known systems, but, however, what is the true click through rate? (I mean without click manipulation of asking people to click the ads)

    from what I can see and have seen so far the ads are very untargeted compared to other systems. Personally, for it having click based advertising on my site is a no as I dont want people to be taken away from my site for few cents..having said that having ads is a very good and popular monetisation strategy

    1. Thanks, Derek for the comment! And to answer your question, as a free member will get about 300-500 views and a pro member gets about 800-1200 a month. You will get more if you use social networks and other marketing communities to advertise. You are right about the untargeted ads since most members there have their niches about online marketing so it would be odd for someone whose niche is about clothing or electrical devices,…etc. for leadslead, you will earn more through affiliate program

  4. This is exactly what I was looking for, after going through your editions I just came to realize that this is the instrument that I was lucking in order to attract more visitors to my own website. I have so far joined leadsleap and trying to follow their instructions

    I will try it and see if it works and will be back with more feedback.



    1. Hi Jose! Thanks for your feed back and joining me on leadsleap. It may look a little bit confused in there at first since they have lots of things going there so feel free to contact me through WA or comment on here. I will be glad to help you out!

  5. I haven’t heard before about Leadsleap 2.0. but it sounds very similar to Fort Ad Pays that I once reviewed. I somehow understand the idea of the system. Buy ads to get traffic and get referrals to make money from downlines. But will those ads really bring you good traffic? Will it be profitable in a long run? I’m quite skeptical.

    1. Hey Roope,

      Thanks for your concern. I think if your niche is about making money online or online marketing or anything relate then the traffic you get is good. And for you to be profitable, it depends on how your level 1 perform. The more direct referrals you have, the more money you earn

  6. I have heard of Leadsleap but never had the opportunity to see the full breakdown of what is was all about from somebody else’s post.

    Your article goes into a full detailed breakdown explaining all the important factors of what to expect with this system.

    The fact that they have a free entry level to check them out is great and well worth looking into before paying for membership.

    1. Hey Travis! Thanks for the comment. And yes, I tried to be detail as much as possible and like you said, it’s great that they allow you to try for free as long as you want to. However, you can only get the discount rate in the first 2 weeks after you sign up. After that, you will have to stay with the regular rate so it’s important to decide before the discount is over

  7. Thank you for your review of LeadsLeap

    I have been utilizing LeadsLeap for about 2 months now and am impressed with my Return on Investment so I can also recommend that Friends reading this post take you up on your offer.

    I have 68 referrals to the LeadsLeap program and many referrals to many other programs with the help of LeadsLeap.

    Keep sharing and caring as there are great programs available to us on the internet.


    1. Hi Tony,

      Thank you for the comment. I think you are one of my upline in there since I saw your downline message and ads a lot. I can see that you have only 36 downlines currently so you might want to check again your number. And I agree that Leadsleap is one of many good programs out there

  8. I used Leads Leap a few years ago and had trouble getting the 20 personal referrals so the payback was minimal. I didn’t really get many qualified leads. I had suspected that people were just viewing my ads to reach their quotas. what do you think? Does that happen? Do they shut down your account completely if you had canceled a premium membership?

    1. Hey Dennis. Thank you for your comment!. I am sorry that it happened to you. And you are right about people just view your ads to get credits. The truth is like I have mentioned to other people, If your niche is not about online marketing, it will be very tough since most people there are looking for a way to earn money online. And I think you can come back to your regular membership. I have not tried tho!. Good luck out there.

  9. Thank you so much for this review, I hadn’t heard of LeadsLeap before now, but I’m so glad I’ve stumbled across it!
    It is a platform that I will definitely look into, as traffic has been a large issue of mine.
    Out of interest, apart from impressive statistics, does the traffic this site gives you help in any way?

    In other words, does the increase of traffic improve your sales, or do people just click on your site then click off straight away (because then it can be reciprocated).

    Sorry if I’m not making myself clear, but thanks again for the great post.

    1. Hi there. Thanks for the comment. I see what you mean. Leadsleap will only give credits once you watch the ads for at least 5 seconds. It means that if your ads are interesting and convincing, people will take times to read it and may decide to join you later on

  10. I have used this program before but ended up stopping because I was worried about the quality of traffic and whether it was helping or hindering my site. Although I guess having more traffic looks for to Google and could help you get ranked higher, I know that low qualty traffic and stuff can damage your sites rankings.

    Do you reckon the traffic from LeadsLeap is good enough quality?

    1. I understand Hannah. It doesn’t work out with every niche. It works out with me pretty good. I got couple of referrals from LeadsLeap. I would say lots of them click my ad just to get credits but there are people who actually spend time to read what I wrote.

  11. It sounds like leadsleap has some pretty good advantages to it for developing better traffic to your website. The fact that you can start for free as an option and still make money is very appealing.

    The concept of having a downline for extra benefits also sounds kind of interesting. I definitely should take a more in depth look into leadsleap by starting off with a free membership and take it from there.

  12. The prospect of LeadsLeap seems interesting, as it is a way to get traffic to your website, which could potentially lead to user engagement or sales etc. It seems to have a very lucrative affiliate program, which also makes it a good potential source of income if you decide to promote it.

    I like how’s there’s the option to cash credits out and that you can alternatively use them to advertise on other members’ websites which sounds REALLY cool. However, the prospect of watching ads and ‘traffic clicking’ sounds a little dodgy. Would you be able to explain in a little more detail what this involves, please?

    I do like the sound of the the program and will take a look for sure 🙂

    1. Hi James,

      LeadsLeap encourages you to watch ads so that you earn credits to advertise your own ads. This applies to all members (Premium and Starter members) using Free Ads feature. Premium member can choose to ignore Free Ads and just use Pro Ads. Once you are a premium member, you will be able to create up to 10 Pro Ads and they will automatically run and rotate in LeadsLeap system.

      Combing both Free Ads and Pro Ads together, you will generate a large amount of traffic. From my experience, it exceeds way beyond just 1200. However, 1200 is a guarantee amount of traffic that you will get.

      Now, when you grow leads, they will make contribution to your income whenever they check out ads for more than 5 seconds. The table I provided in my post will explain to you better what the percentage of contribution is. Only when you have 20 leads and above, you will enjoy the contribution from all 10 downline levels.

  13. Wow! Did not hear about LeadsLeap before and am so glad that I did via your site.

    This sounds really interesting and since I am in the money making niche, I will be trying this out.

    I like the fact that the tools on offer are free and one is allowed to ‘test the waters’ before committing.

    Thank you very much.



    1. Sure Roopesh! I have been using LeadsLeap for awhile now and have seen positive result even tho it does take some hard work to maintain good amount of credits to run Free Ad. If you like the result, I would recommend the discount offer since you will be able to run Pro Ads without worrying about credits.

  14. Thanks for explaining in details what LeadsLeap is about. I haven’t heard about it before but it seems legit to me. I like that you can get targeted traffic to your site. I just have a question about payments. How does it work? Is this for a long run?

    Thanks again!

    1. You can join for free and stay as a free member for as long as you wish. If you decide to become a pro member, I would suggest you to take the discount offer which will only cost you $20/month. Otherwise it will cost you $27/month.

  15. I am happy to learn something new every day;I never heard of Leadsleap before. a little too much to digest on the first reading,but i will follow up ; it definitely sounds interesting.It would be onteesting to read at least 3 other reviews. How long have you been a member?Thanks for the introduction.Best wishes.

    1. I have been using it for about a month now. In fact, I am writing up a quick update on how LeadsLeap has been performing. So far, I get a positive result so I would recommend you to join.

  16. Hi Kien, Thanks for sharing this info about LeadsLeap. I’ve heard of LeadsLeap before and have been wondering what it was. The compensation plan looks impressive. It sort of looks like affiliate marketing combined with an MLM like “downline”. The free option looks pretty useful itself. I’ll be sure to check back if I decide to try LeadsLeap. Thanks!

  17. An excellent review of the affiliate program. It’s nice to know that there is an affiliate program that allows you to increase traffic. I have a website, but traffic is bad, I hope using the Leads Leap I succeed to increase visits of my site. I like it because it’s free and can be tested, if the results get any better I’ll try Pro version. I wonder if it is easy to learn and master Leads Leap? Do I have support if get stuck? How hard it is to do Free Ads for your web site.Is there a possibility of the virus by looking Ads?
    Thanks for the info

    1. leadsleap review all free ads and pro ads to ensure the security for the community so you won’t get virus or stuff like that. If you are stuck, send support a ticket and they will reply you pretty quick, most likely on the same day

  18. Hi there,

    I am interesting in finding ways to attract visitors on my blog. I have never heard about Leadsleap. I do use Adsense.
    I have to admit I don’t really understand how these ads on Leadsleap work! What’s the point to click on your own ads because that doesn’t bring you any money or traffic?

    How do they make money to pay me?

    Please, don’t see it as a negative critic, I just would love to understand it. So that I can use it myself.

    Thank you for your review.


    1. hi there, my point is that leadsleap won’t penalize you for clicking on your own ads but google adsense does. Leadsleap make money from pro membership. I don’t say that the quality of traffic in leadsleap is excellent but they are doing their best to keep the system working in everyone’s favor. Also leadsleap is much cheaper to invest in compare to google adword or bing. You can take advantage of the credit system to generate income.

  19. Hey Kien,
    Leadsleap is one of the programs I’ve been trying to have a go at but never had the time. Your review really helps and I’m quite attracted on giving it a try.

    Just a question though, will the leads I get of organic quality? There’s also another program that you could review called Organic Prospects, its also a platform for driving leads but I’m not quite sure how it works though but I’ve been hearing good things about it.

    1. Hey Riaz,

      If you want organic traffic, Google Adwords, is number 1, then Bing is 2nd. With LeadsLeap, if you keep being consistent with advertising, you will eventually get few referrals for other programs you are promoting. I decided to be a Pro member because I saw opportunity to grow a potential income with Leadsleap and to I want to fasten the process of getting referrals. Being a Pro member, you can advertise up to 20 ads plus, your downline message will be seen by all your downline members.

      I will take a look at the program you mention and see how it is.

  20. I have never heard of LeadsLeap, interesting article and sounds like a good company. Is this a MLM company and also what do you mean by watching ads? Specifically your quote “the longer you watch the ads, the more credits you will get”. Depending on what you mean by ‘watching’ ie that I don’t have to sit at my PC watching ads all day, then this might prove me well. You say you’ve gained more traffic, but what about sales?

    1. For more information, please read my 1 month result. If you want people to see your ads, you will have to see other people ads. You earn credits when you watch an ad. Those credits can be either converted to cash or be used to show your ads. About sale, it depends on what you are promoting and your method of sale. That means you need to make your ads interesting.

  21. Leadsleap looks like a good way of generating traffic to my website. I do have a website about making money and I would like to try this out. You provided a very detailed step by step instruction and so I am going to follow them carefully. I appreciate you providing this resource. Many thanks.

    1. You are welcome! Let me know if you have question. The support in Leadsleap is another way to get help. They will reply you within a day.

  22. Hello,
    A very interesting sounding traffic exchange.
    The potential with the 10-level-downline system looks mouth watering!
    As a free member, can you earn much money from LeadsLeap, or is it mainly best to ignore the money-making aspect and focus more on the traffic exchange?
    Thanks in advance for your opinion. 🙂
    All the best,

    1. Since there is unlimited amount of referrals, you have good potential to earn a good income from Leadsleap. And it’s up to you what you want to focus on.

  23. This is the first time I hear about leads leap and it sounds very interesting. My website is not related to online marketing so as understood – it would be little to no sense to join this programm – am i right? But do you know if there is anything similar to this in some other niches?

    1. You can try to see how LeadsLeap works out for you since it is free to join. I suggest you to read my post about VigLink. You might want to try that one.

  24. Hi,

    Leadsleap is an interesting ad program to get your website more traffic. How much time is involved?

    I like the fact there are many ways to get credits and use the system to your benefit. Thanks for addressing the pros and cons. Looks like there are more pros than cons.

    Are you finding by using this system, your traffic to your website has gone up?

    Thanks again for reviewing this system. I will be checking this out.


  25. Great information on LeadsLeap. I’ve seen them advertised before but I’ll admit I was skeptical. After I read through your post it helped put those thoughts at ease. I also really like going to your website, it’s very easy to read and navigate. Lots of good information in there too!

  26. Traffic is something I badly need for the moment so if this works then I am in.

    I have a couple of questions though. What are the niches and markets you can advertise in? My previous experience with traffic exchanges is that the traffic that was sent to my website was from people who wanted to earn credits so that they could get traffic to their own websites. Thus this traffic was not targeted and did not convert.

    Is the traffic at Leadsleap really targeted to the niche that you are in?

    Thank you

    1. Yes in my case. You will need to work on your content and ads to make them interesting. Since people earn more credits when they stay longer in your ads, most likely they will check out your content if it is interesting.

  27. I read our review and I find LeadsLeap a good opportunity to get traffic for a website.

    But I was wondering. how much time do you need to work on that website in order to get that amount of traffic?

    I mean, can you get something form it without spending to much time on it? I am focused on other things and don’t have to much time in this period.

    How much time did you spend on it and how many referrals did you get from it?

    1. If you join as a free member, you will be granted maximum 3 ads to run. As long as you maintain enough credits to run them, your ads will be up running 24/7. You will get about 300 to 500 visits on these 3 ads every month.

      I am a pro member so I can run up to 20 ads. From my experience, I am getting more than 2000 visits on my ads and I am running only 18 ads at the momment.

      As a free member, I don’t think it will take much time. You can read here to see my result of the first month. Currently I have 25 referrals

  28. Hello I never heard of Leadsleap but found very interesting to read about. I think after reading your indepth review I am going to give it a try. Sounds like it works from what I read so thank you very much for this review. I have wasted a lot of money with different programs in the past to get traffic.

  29. Thank you for sharing this information about Leadsleap

    I never heard of it before, now I can bookmark this information for future reference.

    Your overall review were very detailed with precise information about the product. I am happy to share your link with others within the community.

    I am also checking out other products that you are reviewing.

  30. Thanks for your very detailed review of LeadsLeap.

    I have not heard about this program before but your review about it has got me very interested in the program. I am part of other make money online programs that I would like to try and get referrals for, so I think this could be a good way to promote them.

    I like the fact that there is a “free option” so that I can test it out before committing to the paid option. Glad I came across this on your website.


  31. I would just hate to have to watch other people’s ads. To me I already don’t have enough time in the day just working on posts for my site and promoting it. I don’t think I would want to look at other ads or do traffic clicking. Sounds too much like MLM to me. I am sure it works for some, I just don’t think I that Leadsleap would be a good fit for me.

    1. LeadsLeap is not a MLM as explained above. And sure it doesn’t work with everyone since this system works best with online marketing niche.

      The idea of clicking ad or viewing other people ads is what traffic exchange is about. You need to give some to get some.

  32. Leadsleep seems to be a really advanced program with a lot of features. What I am wondering is how effective are those ads? Have you tried it? What are your results?
    I am asking because I was once part of a e-mail marketing program called List Joe. There you earned credits by reading e-mails sent by other members. By watching them you earned credits and got to send emails yourself. The problem was that almost everyone promoted online marketing products which they tried to sell each other. But almost nobody was interested in buying anything, they all wanted to sell.
    How is it with Leadsleep? Are people making sales?

    1. Please see here for the result. I highly recommend this if your niche is about online marketing or any other topic related. And of course people get in programs like this is because they want to sell their products. You will need to make your ads attractive to increase the conversion rate. About sale, it depends on what product you promote in there.

  33. Hi Kien,
    Great review – I never knew anything about LeadLeaps and now I can safely say, I do. Thanks for breaking down each section too – this is really helpful for me (especially seeing as I am new to this (and affiliate marketing as a whole)).

    Just helps to be aware of the different ways of making advertiser income for your niche website.

    I shall be checking out some of your further articles…for sure!


  34. Hi,

    I had never heard of LeadsLeap before reading this article. Based on your review that you gave here, it is definitely something that I will look into.

    I like the idea of being able to advertise my site by using credits that I have earned by watching other peoples ads. This is a very novel idea. Just a little worried about the quality of traffic one will be receiving if most of the people are only watching ads to receive credits to post their ads.

  35. I need to keep this in my mind when thinking how to grow my online business. I will investigate LeadsLeap later more in detail. I decided that every month I am going to reward myself by buying another way to build my business if I have achieved my goals in the last month. I can buy for example an autoresponder, use money on PPC marketing, a paid theme or maybe join Leadsleap. I don’t know why but buying something that can grow my business, gives me a rewarding feeling 😀

    1. That’s is the right thought Roope. We need to make investment to grow our business and the best investment you can make is to invest in yourself.

  36. I have never heard of Leadsleap, I think it’s a very interesting program since I need traffic.

    I want to start as a free member so do I have to other people’s ads? and they have to add mine?

    My ads will be put on websites that have my same traffic?

    Waiting for your response !

    1. You don’t need to be approved to join. Anyone can join. As a free member, your ads will be checked before they can be up running. No. You need to add a Leadsleap widget to your page so that your free ads will be rotate in LeadsLeap’s system.

  37. Nice article!
    I personally had not heard of Leadsleap until I came across this article. I will have to take a look at it.
    I was wondering, though, can you use pre-existing ads or do you have to create your own?
    Also, would you say it is easier to make revenue from this than Google’s program?

    1. You will have to create your own ad. It is very simple and easy. I would say yes, it is easier to get revenue from LeadsLeap. Google pays you better but it is harder to get approved

  38. As a stay-at-home dad, who is currently trying to scrounge up an income online, your post is really interesting. LeadsLeap seems to be a good platform to try and boost your numbers online. Increased traffic, after all, leads to enhanced income.

    Will probably give it a shot soon. Thanks for sharing this information.


  39. Thanks for the review, I have been looking at leadsleap among other ad programs.

    In particular the down line program really appeals about leads leap – do you think thier illustrations are realistic?

    I’ll be sure to look into this and let you know how I get on.

    Keep up the good work!

  40. I enjoyed viewing your site. I thought it was quite informative about Internet marketing and how to generate leads for your website. Although I am not in the particular niche of making mone online quite yet, I still love the idea of those post even for my current site. If and when I ever get around to creating another site where the nice is making money online, I will most definitely be looking into Leadsleap for help.

  41. I have just read the above and all of the comments that have been posted. Leadleaps sounds like something I would like to get into.
    I have been with WA for a few months and my site is not yet completed, but when it is, I would like to try this. I have used Adsense in the past, but not any more.
    Thank you for your wealth of information, it has been very helpful.


    1. If you have been approved by Adsense, I would recommend you to use it along with LeadsLeap unless you got banned from Adsense since Adsense pays way better than Leadsleap.

  42. Thank you very much for this informative article. I am new to this so I had never heard of leadsleap before so I learned a lot from reading this. This may be a silly question, but does Google punish your search ranking for having leadsleap on your site? Thanks again!

  43. This post is exactly what I was searching for! I was literally just thinking of what a hard time I am having trying to get traffic to my site and then I found your blog post. I really enjoyed how comprehensively your wrote this article, especially with the list of pros and cons at the end. That short list made a great summary and I am very interested in getting started with LeadsLeap! Thanks for a great article!

  44. My niche is about video game accessories and that’s what I built my site around, so does that mean that LeadsLeap won’t be of much use to me since my site isn’t about making money online or something?

  45. Nice post. This program looks very promising. I currently use Google Adsense and earning money with it has been very slow. I will certainly check out LeadsLeap. It looks very promising.

    How long have you used this program yourself? Do you think it’s worth buying the premium membership? I might start using this program soon.

  46. Hey Kien,
    Congratulations for this great review, I joined after reading this post :D.

    I have one question for you, you said that the payment is through Paypal, but I only see Payza in the system.

    Is there a way to make the payment through Paypal?

  47. Hello Kn297,

    This is great news for most people who are on online marketing. It is hard to believe but I know with the tech we have nowadays everything is possible.

    This is good for some of us who have been disapproved by google Adsense. I will definitely look into trying this one. How long does it take for you get approved?

    How much does it cost to become a premium member?

    Thank you for sharing this great information.

    1. Hi there,

      You just need to sign up and will get approve right away. It is free for everyone but if you decide to upgrade in the first week of joining, it will cost $19/month. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  48. Hi,

    This is a great article and a fantastic concept for gaining more traffic, lets face it you can’t have enough traffic. I think I will be looking into trying this out for myself as my niche fits perfectly with what you described.

    I will let you know how I got on.

  49. What a great information on leadsleap, so it is an advertising platform where we can get money by people clicking on our ads, i think i would check it out sometimes if it is worth the effort in order to gain a few dollars, but there has to be a strategy to earn money using this platform, i will find or create a strategy to earn money with this website. Thanks for the info.

    1. LeadsLeap helps you generate leads and drive traffic to your business. And sure you can earn money from clicking ads but I would not focus on that.

  50. Hey there,

    It sounds like leadsleap has some good advantages to it for getting traffic to your website. The fact that you can start for free as an option and still make money is very appealing to me.

    I have never heard of it before so the concept of having a downline for extra benefits also sounds very interesting.

    I will have a look at the free membership and see what it feels like and how I feel about it.

    Thanks for posting 🙂


  51. Hello. Thank you for that detailed explanation on LeadsLeap. I think this can a great way of growing my business online. Actually, I am encouraged by the ‘generating great traffic’ feature. I will be trying it in the near future as I expand my online business.
    Thank you for the great information

    1. LeadsLeap is good to bring traffic to your website and if you have another business to promote, this is a good place to do so.

  52. Very useful information. My YouTube channel was approved for AdSense a few days ago, but I’m glad to know more about alternatives such as LeadsLeap. My current website is a bit raw and unrelated, but I’m definitely bookmarking your page for future exploration. This will sure be beneficial when it’s time to spread success news and help people follow my steps.

  53. Thank you for the overview of LeadsLeap. With traffic generating programs like that I tend to be more skeptical of potential scams, but from what you have described with your personal experience with the program it sounds as though this is an effective way to increase traffic to your website. Are there people who use it for niches outside the ones you listed at the bottom?

    1. Over few months, I have seen LeadsLeap expanding and that brings the diversity to the app. If you let me know what your niche is, I will be able tell you more.

  54. Leadsleap seems great your article is very informational you really answer so many questions someone would have about the leadsleap program. I”m always looking for ways to get more traffic to my website but my niche may not work with Leadsleap (NBA debates/news). Do you think leadsleap would help my site? if not do you have any suggestions?

  55. That was good and simple. I am already a member there since long time. However, I didn’t use that membership because I didn’t understand it well.

    Thanks a lot for this review . I will check leadsleap again and might use it to get traffic and cash.

    I wanna know how good it is for you and have you cashed out money or just getting the traffic?

  56. I’m all about diversifying my traffic to get as much traffic to my sites, so thanks for this. I have a question though, how does the downline system work? Will I automatically receive credits just because I have made referrals, or is it a matter of my referrals will have to work the system as well?

    1. Of course they will have to work as well. If no-one surfs ads then how does the system work?

      When you refer someone to leadsleap, they become your direct referrals. You will earn commission when they upgrade their membership.

  57. Thanks for a great article! I didn’t know about LeadsLeap so I’m happy to learn something new. It seems like it’s a better option to Adsense so I will check it out when I start working with my 2nd niche. On my current website I don’t use ads. Thanks again for the information!

  58. Thanks for a great article! I didn’t know about LeadsLeap so I’m happy to learn something new. It seems like it’s a better option to Adsense so I will check it out when I start working with my 2nd niche. On my current website I don’t use ads. Thanks again for the information!

  59. Hello Kien!
    It sounds to me as if we are talking about a form of traffic Exchange. Combined with a private kind of adsense.
    Something I do not understand is how you can make money by exchanging traffic with others who also really like to have promoted their articles.
    I’ve tried before clicking links to get people to sign up via my link.
    But mostly I had a distinguished presence that they were as frivolous with what I showed them.
    I was not so serious with what they showed me.
    So my question is what is the difference here compared to other traffic Exchange?

    1. Trafffic exchange helps you with traffic and increase number of view. Works perfect if you have a youtube video to promote on your landing page.

  60. Thanks for sharing the LeadsLeap in your post. May I know if this is suitable to be used for the educational website such as mine? My website is about time management and I share about the time management tips in my blog.

    Did the LeadsLeap provide any training on how to create an effective advertisement? I never create the ads before and would like to give it a try.

    For earning the credit, is it credit will be earned by just click on other’s ads? What is the payout for each credit earned?

    1. Sure you can give it a try. If you know how to create a landing page and have a youtube video posted on it, that will work fine. Yes, credits are earned from surfing other people’s ads. Minimum payout is $10 and leadsleap pays through Payza.

  61. Great review of LeadsLeap. I’ve tried programs like this one before but didn’t really feel like the results were worth it. The tracker function might help me to see if the service is working or not. I will definitely consider checking out LeadsLeap. The only hesitation I have is that these programs usually take a lot of time and effort to set up on your website. However, since you mentioned that the free member gets between 300-500 view a month, it might be worth it. Thanks again.

  62. Waw . That’s seems a great way to create your own ads and to get traffic , I have been recently looking for ways to increase traffic to my website . I now know a great way to do that .Thanks a lot for the great advice , you have saved me a lot of time .

  63. I have liked the business concept of leadsleap. Thanks for the presentation. I’m still new in wealthy affiliate and settling in but this is a wonderful business to considering I a strong taste for legit online businesses. How can I easy find you or your page when I am ready to join. Sorry I couldn’t find your name.

    1. Hey Dan! You can share my post in your social media and bookmark my page and that way, you can check my post out later when you have time. And my name is Kien!

      Make sure that you follow all the links I have in there to see the results I have with LeadsLeap. I have explained lots of things in those posts.

  64. what an extremely interesting article,iv even saved it under my bookmarks,Im with wealthy affiliates in the early stages and am gonna be in need of some serious traffic soon.Is there any way google can penalise you for doing this?Ps iv shared it on facebook for you.I only had time to flick through it just now but i will be sure to read it thoroughly later tonight.

    1. Hey Stuart, Thank you for sharing my post and to answer your question, google will not penalise you for running it along with leadsleap. From my experience, if you are active in LeadsLeap, the amount of traffic you get is very consistent. Some of them will convert to referrals to other programs that you promote. You just have to try out and see what works with you and what doesn’t.

  65. Interesting concept, thank you for sharing your results, I can see it did not take you long to go premium.

    At the moment I am building my very first site, it is about weight loss. You mention that sites like mine could benefit from Leads Leap so even though I am not jumping in right now, I am definitely considering it for the near future.

    I am bookmarking this link, and once I have my site set up I will go back and check it out. I think it could be good.

    It has some advantages over Google adds, I am glad that you clarify the point that it is not an MLM scheme.

    Bye for now

    1. Leadsleap is a great way to gain traffic especially when your page is new. They offer free membership for life so I think it is worth the try.

  66. This is very interesting. I have not heard of LeadsLeap before. It seems like there are a lot of benefits and definitely worth checking out. I am curious, though, if you are in the make money online niche, for example, does allowing ads from other sites in the same niche take away from your site? I get the relevance factor but curious what these ads are showing. Also since these are user created ads, is there a quality check before it shows up on your site? I am certainly interested. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Hi there! The ads are simply what other businesses LeadsLeap’s members are promoting. And yes, there is a quality check for Free Ads before they are up and running. Pro Ads will get a pre-qualification but still get checked later on.

  67. I am a member of Leads Leap and sometimes to save time I join as a pro member for a month or two at a time to boost my traffic.

    Your article was very informative, as some of the things in it I didn’t even know Leads Leap could do.

    For instance I didn’t even know they had an autoresponder. I will definitely look at that one next time I log in.

  68. Really liked your site. As I am just starting out at building a website I am always looking for more ways to increase the traffic volume on my site. Learning about this affiliate program looks like it would not only be a good way to add traffic to my websites. but as another great way to earn money online. I will definaly be looking further into this in the near future

  69. Thanks for the detailed information on LeadsLeap. I found it to be very interesting as I had never heard of LeadsLeap or anything similar until I came across your site.

    I am quite interested in trialing this program but am wondering how much time I would need to spend on it daily? It just struck me as being a little time consuming, but no doubt it would be necessary to set time aside each day specifically for LeadsLeap.

    1. Since I am a Pro member, the ads run automatically, so I only check on leadsleap twice a day to have some update on my ads and that’s all. As a free member, it depends on how much traffic do you desire and so is how much time you will have to spend on it to keep your ads running. I hope that answered your question.

  70. Hey there,
    This is some very awesome stuff. Everyone needs traffic for their business to survive offline or online. With Leadsleap, I think they can accomplish that. I was thinking of a system that could help others out with their traffic but I fell short. Then I came across this.
    With this you could also become an affiliate as well. This is like a win win situation. How relevant will the traffic be? It seems like it would only be from people who see your ads.

  71. Thank you for the in-depth review. I have heard a little about Leadsleap but have not signed up. I am curious if the clicks are actual leads or just people clicking because they were asked to or to get clicks in return. Also, having other people’s ads on your site might take away from your own content, no? Especially if it is the same niche. Have you found that to be an issue at all? Thanks for the clarity!

    1. Hey Heather! It depends on your niche actually. Since mine is online marketing, I find it working especially for recruiting others to sign up for my other affiliate programs. And having other people ads on your site is a way for your ads to be exposed on other people’s sites so it is fair I think.

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