Making money from doing your everyday activities

Everyday you go shopping, eating out, watching TV,…etc but do you know that you can earn money from doing just that? In this post, I would like to talk about some cool ways to make some extra cash while doing your everyday activities.

Online Activities

Have you ever wondered are there ways to make money online for free? Many different apps nowadays offer you money just by performing some simple tasks. Here are two of them that I have tested: Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

Swagbucks uses SB points system to pay you and then you can convert them into gift cards or cash throuh Paypal (100SB = $1). You earn SB by performing different tasks such as searching things online, shopping online, watching videos, answering surveys, discovering offers and playing games. Minimum thresholds are varied depends on your method of payment. For Paypal, it is 2500 SB which is $25.


InboxDollars is a similar app to Swagbucks in term of performing varied activities. The difference in InboxDollars is that it does not use a point system and you will get paid by check when you reach your minimum threshold of $30.


Now, let’s go into detail of these activities and see how are you going to earn money from them.

Searching Online:

Swagbucks pays from as low as 5 SB to as high as 30 SB, depends on if you really engage into your searching and checking out the contents that the search has given you.

InboxDollars is a little different. It pays you 1 cent for each search and the searches have to be non-relevant to each other.

Shoping Online

Both two apps offer you different types of discount whenever you shop online through these apps. A lot of popular stores are available like Amazon, Walmart, Kmart, Kohl’s, JCPenny, Sears,…etc.

Watching Videos

Hmm..earn cash from watching video?

For Swagbucks, it depends on what device you are on. If you use a laptop or a desktop, you are able to access “nCrave” and “Sponsored Videos” programs. If you use a smart phone, there are 6 different extra video watching apps for you: SBTV, EntertaiNow,,, and

For InboxDollars, “Videos” and “TV” are available on all devices. “TV” has been released recently and now can be used on smart phones.

Answering Surveys

You can also earn money by doing surveys. They pay you anywhere from $0.01 to $10 for each completed survey. In order for you to do these surveys, you have to be qualified first. They also have different methods to check you while you are taking these surveys. Therefore, pay attention while you are doing them.

Discovering Offers

Discovering offers is another way to earn money. I think it is the best way to make money online quickly compare to other tasks. Many companies are advertising their products through Swagbucks and InboxDollars. Some will offer you samples or free memberships in exchange for your information. Some others want you to read through their articles and posts. Swagbucks and InboxDollars will reward you after you complete these offers.

Playing Games

Playing games also earns you some money. There are two types, Free and Paid games. If you are going to play games online anyways, you might want to earn some cash as well.

After testing out these apps, here are my personal thoughts:


  • Simple tasks
  • Cool ways to earn extra money
  • Saving money while shopping online


  • Time consuming
  • You cannot make a full income by using these apps
  • You get a lot of spammy emails after signing up to the Offers

As I scout through the internet, I see many money-making-apps like Swagbucks and InboxDollars nowadays, probably more than 50 of them. I can tell you that these two apps are legitimate and definitely not scams. Hey if you are students, try these apps while you are in a break. Are you a stay-at-home mom or currently laid off and do not have anything to do? These apps can help you pay some bills.

Here are links to download the two apps:

Swagbucks: Desktop/Laptop | Apple | Android

InboxDollars: Desktop/Laptop | Apple | Android

Offline Activities

Mystery Shopping

Have you heard of “mystery shopping” before? Basically, mystery mysteryshopping is a job that pays you for going to look for different products and taking picture of them, engaging a sale associate either in person or through your phone to evaluate how they perform or going to eat at a restaurant. You may consider of being a mystery shopper because it is possible to make a full time income by doing these tasks if you sign up with multiple programs at once. Otherwise, you may consider doing mystery shopping as an extra activity while you go shopping. In fact, it is easy to earn up to $20,000 or even more than that in a year just by doing few tasks a day. One thing to know is that it really depends on your location. They usually have more jobs in crowded and popular cities while they do not have any job at all in some other locations.

Here are some very well-known companies that I have heard of and their pays are very high:

Shopping Offline and Receiptshopping

Do you know how to save money on grocery shopping? There are apps which help you do that and here are two legitimate one that I know of: Ibotta and Checkout 51. I would recommend you to use both two apps because you can save money twice if you use both of them. And feel free to use coupons since they do not affect the amount of cash back you earn from these apps. If you plan your shopping very well, you may end up earning money!

Here is how you use these two apps:

  • Plan your shopping
  • Look for rebate items in the apps
  • Keep your receipts after shopping
  • Scan the products’ bar-code
  • Take picture of receipts
  • Upload receipts and wait for confirmation

Keep your receipt after you go shopping since it can also earn you money. There is this app called “Receipt Hog” which allows you to submit your receipt. It doesn’t matter what kind of receipt it is, gas, grocery, fast food, cloth,…etc. Although you will not earn much from it but it will add up over time. Here is how much you can earn:


And here is how you convert points into cash:

  • 1000 coins – $5
  • 1800 coins – $10
  • 3200 coins – $20
  • 4500 coins – $30

It is recommended that you save your coins until you get to 4500 since that’s how you can earn the most. (It will take for a while tho…)

Here are links to download these apps:

Ibotta: Apple | Android (Use code: yrjhgux for $10 bonus when you sign up)

Checkout 51: Apple | Android

Receipt Hog: Apple | Android

So there they are! That’s how you can earn money from doing your everyday activities. Please share and comment if you like this post!

P.S: Do you know how to recognize and avoid scams? Read hereCheck out my review of Wealthy Affiliate to see how you can make a full time income.


12 thoughts on “Making money from doing your everyday activities

  1. Ha! I had no idea there were these ways of making money online. Of course, as you point out these are not going to make you a full time income. But since most of us have a few hours here and there such as waiting for a doctor’s appointment we might as well put them to good use.

    I’d heard of the mystery shopper but I had never heard of the shopping offline and receipt. I will look into that further. We all like to save a few $ here and there!

    Thank you for the interesting article and resources. Great information on this site.

    1. Hi Clare! Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad that you find my post interesting. And feel free to check these apps out. These are some quick ways to make money online and they are SCAM free!

  2. these are great apps to make some extra cash. I personally use inbox dollar. I have not cash out sins I haven’t reached the requirement of 30 dollars to cash out. but other than the scams you mention it’s great. I’m going to try the other aps you mention thanks for the recommendations.

    1. Hey Javier! The thing about signup with offer is that they will sent you a lot of get rich quick scheme offer later on. They are not coming from Swagbucks or Inboxdollars but from advertising companies who you sign up with so just be careful on these emails.

  3. I would like to add a small warning here on inbox dollars, which is definitely not a scam.
    Inbox Dollars is a straightforward way to earn discounts and cash on line. Inbox Dollars is a legitimate business with more than a decade of positive user feedback, but it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. So, keep your expectations low and know that Inbox Dollars will never replace your day job.

    With this in mind, Inbox Dollars clearly offers some value for realistic, clear-minded people who want to earn some additional income to their weekly bottom lines or save on purchases they’d make anyway.

  4. I knew about Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars but never knew about any of the other ones that you have mentioned. I tried Swagbucks and did a few surveys and never got to the end of the surveys because they either got frozen while I was doing them (like 10 minutes into the surveys) or say that I was not eligible for any of the surveys. So for me, it was a waste of time. I will try it again, for the videos. Hopefully, they don’t freeze on me in the middle!

    1. Hey Reyhana, yeah it happens. The surveys are tricky since they want honest answer. That’s why these apps are good to snack here and there just for few bucks.

  5. It is really interesting to know that you can earn money from sitting at home doing not much. I had heard of things like paid surveys and mystery shopping before but not playing games.

    Do you need to do anything else other than play these games such as review or watch ads?

    I have previously done a little mystery shopping myself. My job was to go round the supermarkets and buy alcohol, checking that the shop workers were asking to see ID. I never made much money, but I got my expenses paid and free booze, so it’s definitely something you can do to boost your income.

  6. I’m always looking for ways to make money, especially online, and you’ve given lots of ideas here that I’ve not yet heard about. I appreciate your giving an honest overview; for example, letting us know that some of these activities can be time consuming. It seems anyone reading this article can find something that fits for them. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Debra for stopping by! And yes I try to be honest and tell people what I know about. I am glad that you find my post helpful and have fun trying these apps out!

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