How to create a website for free

how to create a website for free


What is a domain?

If you read my post introduction to affiliate marketing, you would probably have a good understanding of how affiliate marketing works. In this post, I want to show you a very quick and easy way to create your own website for free. If you want to start your affiliate journey and do not want to spend lots of money on a website, this post will be helpful for you.

You might be familiar with things like “.com”, “.net”, “.org”,…etc. They are called domains. Now, if you are looking for owning one of these domains, chances are you will have to buy it. Well, you can get it for free if you know someone who owns one of these domains and somehow, you convince them to give the domain to you without charging. Good luck with that tho! :).

The cost to own these domains is actually not very expensive. It depends on what website you purchase from. Usually, it will cost anywhere from $1.00/year to $20/year. If you click on Web Hosting tab on top of this page, you will see the list of all popular websites where you can buy your own domain from. They also provide hosting service.

Time for a Subdomain

Let’s build a free website at SiteRubix. The reason that I recommend SiteRubix is because it is powered by Wealthy Affiliate. Just think about Wealthy Affiliate as a place where you can find everything you need there: domains, hosting service, security, privacy, emails, data backup, lessons and video training on website and marketing topics, and live chat support.

When I first discovered Wealthy Affiliate, I was surprise by how complete the program is. I don’t think you can find this kind of services anywhere else. If you just started out, it’s better for you to go with something free first, get some experiences before you decide you make an investment. Well, you may not like the SiteRubix at the end of your domain. Don’t worry! Since it has an option for you to upgrade and that way, you will be able to get rid of it later on.

With the services that SiteRubix is giving you, success is more guaranteed. Click here or any SiteRubix in this post, it will bring you to the website.

After you click the link, this is what you will see:


The first thing I would like you to do is to type in the name of your website in the white box at the center of your screen. You will notice the “.siterubix” in the grey box at the end. This is called a sub-domain. After you pick the name, if it says “Unavailable, Choose Another”, just simply pick another one until it says “Available!”.

Now, click on “Build My Free Website!” button.

If you have not registered with SiteRubix, do it now by typing in:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Create a password
  • Pick a username

Then, click on “Create Account & Continue” button. This will bring you to Wealthy Affiliate website which will help you host your SiteRubix. Now, you are only 4 steps away from having your free website.

  • Step 1: Click on “A Free Website” button


  • Step 2: This is where you confirm you website name. Feel free to change it if you do not like the current one.


  • Step 3: Choose a look for your website. Here, you will see lots of different WordPress themes. Go through and click on “Demo” underneath the theme to see how it actually will look like if you select it.


  • Step 4: If you like the theme you just selected, then click on “I’m Ready, Build My Website Now!” button at the bottom of your screen.


Awesome! You now have your own free website. But that is not only what you get. You can actually create another free one. You can also delete and re-create your website anytime.

Do you also use SiteRubix? If yes, please share with us your experience and don’t forget to share my post to others if you find this post helpful! Also feel free to create your own domain below!

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