Tips on how to use LeadsLeap effectively

how to use leadsleap effectively


It has been two months since I joined LeadsLeap so here is another post to show you my progress so far. I also want to take this opportunity to discuss on how to maximize your benefits with LeadsLeap.

If you don’t know what LeadsLeap is, please check out my post on Get 1200 visits per month with LeadsLeap. Also, click the button below to see my 1st month result.

1st month leadsleap

What is LeadsLeap 2.0 about
Downline Members After 1 month


leadsleap result
Downline Members After 2 months

Here are some data for Free Ads and Pro Ads in the last 14 days. Together, I have 1256 unique visits. Among them, there are 46 people who checked out my contents from 3 to more than 5 minutes.

leadsleap free ads result
Free Ads Data
LeadsLeap Pro Ads
Pro Ads Data

For two weeks period, I am impressed with what LeadsLeap has brought to my site. Lots of visits have been converted into referrals in some of the programs that I am promoting.

There are few tips that I want to share with you in this post since I think it will help you use LeadsLeap effectively.

Tip #1: Maintain your credits and maximize your ad spots


Not familiar with LeadsLeap? Please check out these Ads below to see how other people are advertising.

Did you see the blue button at the lower right corner? That is the timer. When you are inside LeadsLeap and as you check out other people’s ads, the timer will work as it counts how long you watch each ad. You can also click on it to rate other members’ ad. (You have to be a LeadsLeap’s member to rate.)

Why there is a timer? Because the longer you watch an ad, the more credits you will earn.

Now, as a Free member, you are granted 3 Ad spots so make sure that you use all of them. Pro members have 20 spots. (10 Free Ad + 10 Pro Ad).

Remember that to advertise in Free Ad section, you will need credits. Therefore, maintaining enough credits is important in order for your Free Ads to be up 24/7. When your credit is low, you will see a message below:

leadsleap low credit

Tip #2: Insert interesting videos into your Ads


If you watch these ads above, you will notice one thing that most ads have videos included. Explaining your idea in video makes it easy for people to understand you. Therefore, the best way to capture people’s attention is to include an interesting and relevant video in your ad.

Tip #3: Create your Downline Message


After 2 months, my leads have grown from 9 to 29. What I like about LeadsLeap here is that it automatically generates leads for me. (This feature is called “Spillover”, only available for Pro members.) You can see at the S column that I currently have 17 members there.

LeadsLeap does not have a matrix system, so potentially you can grow unlimited amount of leads.

What is the advantage of having leads? LeadsLeap’s system allows you to communicate with downline members through what is called “Downline Message”. This message is always shown at your downlines’ Dashboard area. The more downline members you have, the more views you get. Therefore, you definitely want to take advantage of this feature as you grow your leads. You never know who are reading your message and they may join you in programs that you are promoting.

Free members will have their downline messages shown to all 10 levels. Pro members will have the same benefits plus their ads shown to S (Spillover) level.

Tip #4: Show LeadsLeap’s widget in your page.


LeadsLeap is a CPC program. LeadsLeap pays you when you drive traffic to LeadsLeap’s blog or other members’ Ads. Whenever a third-party person (non-LeadsLeap member) clicks on your widget, you will earn credits. With the current rate, a Free member will earn about $0.05/click, a Pro member will earn about $0.1/click.

You can also promote your own products by showing LeadsLeap’s widget in your site. Simply go to Widget section and below is what you will see:

leadsleap's widget
LeadsLeap’s Widget

Check on the box where it says “Show My Pro Ads ONLY”. Note that by checking this box, you understand that you just want to promote your products. Any click by third party on this widget will NOT earn you any money.


Above are 4 quick tips to maximize your advertising potential with LeadsLeap. How do you know if LeadsLeap is right for you? If your niche is related to one of these topics below:

  • Online marketing
  • Making money online
  • Advertising
  • Losing weight or fat
  • MLM programs

LeadsLeap also offers an AutoResponder program which is a list building system. To get it for free, please sign up with LeadsLeap below:

join leadsleap

Before you have any question, please check out my other posts on this program because I have explained very detail what it is and what it offers. Below are the links:

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Are you a LeadsLeap member? Please share your experience in the comments below!

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