What is ClixSense.com?

If you are reading this post, most likely you are looking for more information about ClixSense.com. Is ClixSense.com a scam? The short answer you are looking for is “NO”. What is ClixSense for? It is for everybody who wants to earn extra money. Though, is it really worth your time and is there any program better out there?

What is ClixSense.com?

Let’s start with what ClixSense is about first? I have joined ClixSense for a month and my impression about the program is that it works similar to InboxDollars or some other money making apps. If you have not heard about InboxDollars app, please check out my post here.

Basically, ClixSense offers you opportunity to earn money through various tasks such as watching ads, answering surveys, playing games, discovering offers,…Please see table below. (Standard sponsors refer to free members and Premium sponsors as paid members.)


I looked at the ads section and the Paid-To-Click (PTC) is a little disappointing. Previously, I have used other money making apps in the past and I know how time consuming they are but at least they pay better than ClixSense. Let’s talk about InboxDollars for example, it let you earn money by watching videos instead of clicking on ads. InboxDollars pays $0.01/video. It also runs the videos automatically.

About other tasks, I would say that the pay is about the same. While ClixSense does not provide an app for mobile devices, InboxDollars and many others do.

One advantage that ClixSense has over other money making apps is that it allows you to advertise, and it has a more advanced affiliate system (MLM).

You can advertise through “ClixGrid” or PTC. ClixGrid will show members a puzzle image where there are 600 pieces together. If someone clicks on a piece and it happens to be your ad, BINGO! you will earn credits and there will be a possibility that the person is interested further on your ad.

Their affiliate program works like a MLM system which allows you to earn money through 8 downline levels.


Another advantage that I see in ClixSense is that it does not cost much to upgrade to be a Premium member. You can choose to do either $17 per year or $30 for 2 years.

My personal thoughts on ClixSense.com

As I mentioned from the beginning of the post, ClixSense is not a scam. What ClixSense is for? Every one who is interested in making money online. You will earn few bucks here and there. If you own a business, their ads program is a good way for you to advertise your products. Also, their premium upgrade is very low compared to other programs that I have seen. I would recommend you to purchase it for maximum potential income.

The downside is in term of making money online..is it worth your time? Definitely “NOT”. It consumes too much time and pays you too little.

Join ClixSense here!


A great alternative program to ClixSense.com

Even though ClixSense.com gives you opportunity to earn extra cash, you will not be able to earn a full time income from it. If you are looking for a legit way to earn income online, I have a better solution for you.

First, you do not want to work for the little penny all by yourself. I like the idea of “small things will add up”, but how long do you think it will take for you to earn a fortune by clicking ads or answering surveys? You will never get rich from doing them.

What about trying your luck in lottery type of game? Do you know the algorithm behind those lottery games? To be honest, nobody knows except the people who created it and they will never tell you. What if the reward is just a way to encourage you to click on the ads but there is no reward at all?

You want to be in a position like ClixSense, having thousands of people working for you. Every time you do a small task like clicking ads, answering surveys,…etc, ClixSense makes money and they pay you a portion of it. Since ClixSense has thousands of members doing these tasks everyday, they are making a big fortune, not you. This is the reason why I said earlier that I like the idea of “small things will add up”.

Well, how are you going to be somebody like ClixSense.com? Long time ago, I was just like you looking for my answer and then I found Wealthy Affiliate. This program has taught me and so many other people how to be successful in the online business. Please check out my post on 4 reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate for more information.

To make it short, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to turn anything into money. If you are serious about making an income online, I would suggest you to read my post of how to sell shoes online. In there, you will understand the mechanical part behind how to work as an affiliate. You will see that I gave a specific example of how to sell shoes online and showed you step by step of how to become a shoes affiliate. You will also see your potential income and what you will need to get started.

Why Wealthy Affiliate and not ClixSense?

While ClixSense makes you work for them and pays you little money, Wealthy Affiliate trains you how to become your own boss and gives you opportunity to earn while you learn. Please refer to the table below and see how different it is between Wealthy Affiliate and ClixSense:

Below is the opportunity for you to earn money as a free member as well as a premium member. As you can see, you have way better opportunity to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate compared to ClixSense.


I highly recommend you to join as a free member first before you decide to upgrade to a premium member. Wealthy Affiliate is a total package and has great offers. Most people who joined, decided to stay since they don’t find that kind of offers anywhere else except at Wealthy Affiliate. Here are some successful stories from our members:

Join Wealthy Affiliate to check out more stories!


How much does it cost to join Wealthy Affiliate?

You can join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE today. Please refer to table below to see the benefits of a free member and a premium member:

After the 7-day-offer is over, you will be granted a discount which is $19 for the first month. After that, you will pay $49 a month or you can do $359 a year. However, if you decide to leave after the 7 days have passed, you still get to keep the 2 free websites that you create. They are yours as long as you want them. Wealthy Affiliate will keep your websites back up. Beginner Training Course, Personal Affiliate Blog, Video Walk-Thoughs and Affiliate Program will be remained for you to use for as long as you wish. The keyword search tool will still be available for you to use unless you finish all 30 searches.

One more thing is that there is NO credit card required when you join so I want to make sure that you know it. For your safety, please click here or any link I provide in my website to go straight to Wealthy Affiliate.

My personal thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is definitely NOT a scam. I have scout through the internet and looked at many affiliate programs but no-one is as completed as Wealthy Affiliate. One feature that I really like there is the live chat support which allows you to ask questions and get instant answers from other members.

The downside is that you may get overwhelmed with too many information in there at first but you will get used to it. You will be able to send private messages to the owners of the website once you become a premium member, but it will takes sometimes for them to reply due to a large demand. (more than 650,000 members)

Please comment below for questions and share my post if you like it!

P.S: Check out my previous post on how to start a business online!

80 thoughts on “What is ClixSense.com?

  1. Hi,Kien another excellent review,I have heard of ClixSense few times here and there.

    I was wondering what Clixsense is about and now I know after reading your post.how long ClixSense been in business for?

    If ClixSense is like filling in surveys as I have tried filling surveys in myself with little results.

    I have also visited website where you get paid for it type of style which really is a waste of time.

    1. Hey Sonny. Clixsense has been around since 2007 which is a long time. The surveys are all the same, doesn’t matter what apps you take it from. They are all tricky and want honest answers from those who take it. Therefore, if you cannot pass their checking system, they will kick you out in the middle. It is a waste of time to a lot of people that I know. They are unhappy when they were kicked out after spending like 10-15 mins on the surveys. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Wow I did not know what Clixsense is about until I read your post! What a shame! I know InboxDollars. I have used it in the past so I kind have a feeling what Is Clixsense.com now. I have to agree with you that it consumes a lot of time and you won’t make much from doing these tasks. Also, since I have joined Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t have much time for other small income stream like Clixsense. Another great post!

    1. Hi Cong. I know that people been asking what ClixSense is about a lot so I think it would be nice to do a review of it. I’m glad that you know InboxDollars and can relate it to ClixSense. I hope you are having fun at Wealthy Affiliate!

  3. Thank you for the article. I find it intresting espeacialy the turn which inside it. I thought it was going to be a baised review of Clicksence.com because from the start you said it is not a scam. I almost stopped midway when you were giving your final verdict on Clicksence.com not knowing there was another great review of WA.

  4. Just curious on whether Clixsense is offered to people from Malaysia. I live in Malaysia trying to earn a side income during my free time. Most of the sites out there only offer this across the states and not outside the states.

    Have you been able to earn a steady income out from Clixsense thus far?

    1. Hi there. The best way for you to know is to sign up. If you can sign up, it means they have offers for people from Malaysia. And I did few tasks here and there to get to know the program and see what Clixsense is about. Money is not great as I said.

  5. Hey Kien,
    Awesome CLixsense review, I totally agree with you that its not worth the time though. You’ll end up working for very long hours just to get some very measly pay. If that’s the case, then it would be much better to just get a job since we’ll have to really time ourselves to work on those surveys right.

    I love your writing style whereby you bold-blue the first letter of each paragraph, really makes your blog attractive. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi Kien I have a ClixSense account but after reading your blog post, I learn that I haven’t been using ClixSense in the way I should. You have pointed out some very helpful information for anyone thinking that the program is a scam. ClixSense is not a scam it just a simple little method to earn some extra money. Thank for your review. Best Wishes

  7. Hi Kien
    Love your post about making money online with a low initial investment. That surely is great information for anyone looking to get started with making money online. I also work through WA and have found the resources, training and tools to be absolutely brilliant! Thanks for a great post!
    Warm regards,

  8. Hello, I had heard of ClixSense many times but never took the time to check out what clixsense is about It is great to know they are not a scam before I sign up. There is not much money to be made, but over time if you are doing these things anyway, the money is a bonus. You have also peaked my interest in Wealthy Affiliate, they are a total no brainer for building a business. How much training do you receive with the free membership? Thanks for a helpful post!


    1. Linda, you get access to the first 10 basic lessons and also another 10 bootcamp training lessons. After that it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth your time. And yes you can do tasks on clixsense if you have time. Thanks for visiting!

  9. I heard of ClixSense already but wasn’t sure whether it is a scam or not as there are many scams around where they claim that you just have to “click” an ad or something in order to earn money. Your review has clarified things for me. It is good to know that it is legit but it actually takes too much time if you want to earn a bit of money with it. Do you actually know how many members it has and how much the average member earns with this program? Did the early members earn more when this program started?

  10. I’ve used sites much like clixsense. Not very long ago I signed myself up for a lot of different survey sites and honestly ended up regretting it. It’s a lot of time and effort for little to no return. The only site of a similar sort I’m still using is 20 cogs. Like you I’m also using Wealthy Affiliate:)

  11. Kien,
    Pretty much as you stated in your excellent review of Clixsense in the article, this is a money making opportunity and truly it is not a scam.
    However even through all of the opportunities of clicking on ads and having to linger there for anywhere from 5 – 50 or so seconds, plus the two levels of sponsors, (unpaid or standard, versus paid premium) that you could be at as a member really you don’t earn a lot of money in this venture. I know as I tried it years ago. Time spent that I’ll never get back in my life. That last sentence in a nutshell is what Clixsense is all about. You spend/waste a lot of time looking at ads – most of them boring in order to earn fractions of pennies per minute.

    Comparing Clixsense to Wealthy Affiliate as you did side-by-side in the image makes it clear to anyone visually that the latter represents a MUCH better opportunity to earn legit money online as long as you realize that you have to work in building up your business.

    Wealthy Affiliate offers so many items – website building tools,hosting, educational training, community support, ability to contact the owners privately, etc. that Clixsense does not even address in their program – particularly someone who would choose to promote the company.

    Clearly Clixsense would be for people who really are not that serious enough to want to WORK at building a profitable business. And eventual earn money that would blow away any amount that you could ever earn at Clixsense.

    Great review Kien,

    1. Well said Jeff! If people are serious about making money online, Wealthy Affiliate is s better choice. Even tho Clixsense gives people opportunity to earn money, the money is too little and you will wastelots of time.

  12. Thanks so much for the review. I’m currently searching for many alternative souces of money online. Would like to find some solution that brings passive income. I guess Clixsense is not an answer then, since it takes up so much time apparently.

    Subscribed to your e-mail, though to learn more about making money online!

  13. Hey Kien,

    I had never heard about Clixsense! So I have no idea what ClixSense is for. It looks like a good way of making some extra money. But then I saw the pays per clicks….. They are definitely not the way to go if you want to earn a full-time income working from home.

    I will check out Wealthy Affiliate as I hear good things about them.Also from other websites.

    Thanks for your review!

  14. Clixsense sounds like a lot of other programs that seem to eat up a lot of time with very little reward. I have done surveys for years and even though I don’t make a fortune I do earn a few dollars and that has come in handy around Christmas. I have never earned very much and clixsense sounds pretty much the same. I am definitely sticking with Wealthy Affiliate. The program opens a lot of doors for earning a good income and I am proud to promote it.

  15. I have seen a few other people talk about ClixSense.com and it does not seem like that great of an opportunity. Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand is a great opportunity and you did a nice job of explaining it. I am really glad I found Wealthy Affiliate and the community, I have learned so much! Best wishes to you on your business venture.

  16. This is a new program to me, but I’m familiar with others that operate on the same concept as clixsense. As you mentioned, I also believe that these types of programs consume more time than what you earn in return,

    The other significant factor that I look at is with this kind of method to make money; you’ll only ever make anything as you keep taking the time to click, watch and enter data continuously.

    Now your recommended method has the advantage of making more money, and you can even see about making residual income if you set your website up correctly.

  17. I’m on a site very similar to clixsense and that’s swagbucks. I don’t really go on there anymore because of basically all the same problems you listed here. It pays to little for me, most of the surveys aren’t for me so I wind up not getting accepted and subsequently only making like 1 buck which is only one cent in real time.

    On top of that I can only exchange them for gift cards instead of actual cash. This is why I personally don’t care for sites like these myself and honestly the only survey site I like is paidviewpoint.

  18. I agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate have more benefits.
    In here, you are not one alone because you always have a team that supports you.
    The community and the owner themselves are very supportive and very helpful. If you have any questions, they are always ready to answer.
    It’s all worth the money that i have invested here and I’m enjoying the benefit.
    Clixsense is quiet interesting too, the easiest way to earn money by doing certain tasks. By just clicking an advertisement,
    you automatically get paid, no need for technical skills or advanced writing skills. You just need to spend few minutes in this job and that’s it! Great!
    Your article is very helpful.
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Thanks for this review of ClixSense. I’ve tried programs like this before and it’s really a waste of time to me. If you are trying to make money online, you are better off learning how to market your own product or service rather than joining these programs where you’d be lucky to get $50 per week for 100 hours of service. I’m always looking for unique and legitimate ways to make money online. However, I’m done wasting my time making pennies per day. Thanks again for the review.

  20. Thank you for the review of ClixSense. I am always interested in ways to make extra income, but since this eats a lot of time, I think I will pass on it. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a better deal. I will definitely have to check it out. How do you figure out what you want to do when you start out?

    1. Well I started with what I like to do which is writing blog. About topic, I have lots of ideas in mind and the marketing niche is one of them. I would recommend you to stick with what you like since You have knowledge about it and know where to look for information.

  21. Interesting Kien. I haven’t tried anything like Clixsense, and it doesn’t seem like it’s anything you’d recommend.
    By the numbers you posted you’d need to do a lot of watching videos and playing games and filling in surveys to make any money at all. Do they have a payout limit – do you have to get to a certain amount of earnings before they write you a cheque?
    Thanks for trying it out on my behalf Kien.

  22. I had not heard about ClixSense before reading your post. It sounds to me that there is not a good opportunity to make money with clicks, but I can see the potential for earnings as an affiliate. That is something that would interest me. What advantage would I get as a premium member?

    1. Yeah you will get pretty good amount of money with their MLM affiliate if you have thousands of leads. But you have to be a premuim member to earn commission from downline memebers. That is one advantage of being a premium member. For other rewards, you will earn double compared to a free member.

  23. Hi, Kien. I love your review on Clixsense. Very well detailed. It’s sounds very much like Swagbucks. It’s crazy how anyone can make money earning point zeros of a dollar. I suppose if you have all the time in the world then it might be okay. however, anyone interested in some serious business, Wealthy Affiliate is the only way to go.

  24. Hello Kien,

    I am sure this post will be helpful for those who are thinking of joining ClixSense.

    You are right. You can’t be rich by clicking ads on clixsense. And it is a total time waste. Unless you can recruit hundreds of people under you.

    And yes, wealthy affiliate is the right way if you want to build a passive income online. In my opinion, nothing better than wealthy affiliate.

    What your take on Ad rev-share companies?



    1. Hi Shashinth,

      Thanks for the input. I am checking on different ad programs. So far, LeadsLeap and IBOToolBox seem to be 2 legit ones. Both 2 programs allow you to join and stay as a free member as long as you wish. Upgrade is optional with more benefit. Feel free to check them out.

  25. Hello Kien,

    Your review about ClixSense is helpful. I did not know the was such a product as ClixSense. Maybe in future, I will try that product, if time allows. I like the fact that the product is not a scam, and you can earn money from it.

    Still the fact remains that Wealthy Affiliate is ranking higher than ClixSense. That is also right. The stories of Tracey, Sotiris, Doug, Colton gave me more encouragement and new insights. I feel that there is a lot to learn from Wealthy Affiliate. I will try out the free trial and see how it goes.

    Thank you, dear.

  26. Hi Kien. I liked your review of Clixsense and wealthy affiliate. In the past a tried inboxdollars and only made a few bucks, lots of my time wasted there. You say this company is in many ways inferior. That is a sign for me to stay away from it. However, I am intrigued by Wealthy Affiliate. I heard about them before but never really paid attention. Are they really free? Thank you.

    1. Hi Nikola,

      Thanks for stopping by. ClixSense.com is not worth your time at all. That is the reason why I recommend people to try out Wealthy Affiliate. If you follow my link to sign up, you will see that it is free to do so. Once you join, you will have 7 days to experience the program. After that it is up to you to decide if you want to make any investment. No program is going to give you everything for free. Like I said, you just have to look for the right program to put your money in and Wealthy Affiliate is my recommendation.

  27. After reading this reveiw I see that ClixSense.com is not for me. I don’t have the time to invest in making such a small amount of money. Now on the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate sounds worth looking into. I can see myself making money online with something I am passionate about.

    1. Clixsense is actually not a bad idea for people who want to earn extra cash since we always have some free or waiting moments like doctor appointment or picking up our kids. Wealthy Affiliate is in the other hand for people who are serious about making income and want to get rid of their day job.

  28. I think I’ve actually tried out ClixSense before! It was when I was exploring making cash online, I got bored pretty quickly though and I agree that the effort isn’t worth the pay. Since I started at Wealthy Affiliate, I found out that it had more value than anything I’ve tried before. I’ve been enjoying working on my blog and it’s definitely better to work on something I’m interested in personally than clicking on random ads and watching random videos!

    Thanks for the wonderful review.

    1. What you say make sense. We should do what we like to do and Wealthy Affiliate give you opportunity to do that while earning income at the same time. In the opposite, ClixSense pays too little and wasting our time.

  29. Thanks for the write up on Clixsense. I was thinking about joining it. But I was wondering if the time it took to make money was worth it. Thanks to your review I see it really is not worth the time spent. I will have to check out your Wealthy Affiliate suggestion. Do you follow everyone who joins under you? Thanks for your time.

    1. Of course, I also reach out and say hello. At Wealthy Affiliate, we help each other succeed, not like other programs where people’s attention is to make money and spamming. And I am glad that you see Clixsense is not worth your time.

  30. I have never heard of Clicksense and by the rates of commission you have listed on your post I don’t think it would be worth the effort. Earning only cents for an action is not going to make anyone wealthy. However your alternative, Wealthy Affiliates sounds like a fantastic program. They offer an incredible return on investment and a massive about of benefits for members. Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers Kev

    1. I’m glad that you know about ClixSense now. Not worth your time at all. And Wealthy affiliate is a better idea for those who are serious about making an income.

  31. A very honest opinion on ClixSense Kien, I have never tried it but heard of it before and you said it is definitely not a scam and you can make money from it. But I always have questioned things, like you have pointed out in this post, there must be a reason they are paying you money for these tasks which if you will see from a different angle seems like a trick to make a lot of money by making use of people while still giving them a reason to do it.

    Well with wealthy affiliate things are different since you know what you are doing, you know how you are doing it and you also know well where the money it coming from, I love to ride on a horse that is tamed by me!

    1. I am not saying that ClixSense is tricking people to make money but their lottery games is a smart idea to encourage people to click on the ads. They have some promising reward up to couple of hundreds of dollars if you are lucky. However, the chance for you to win to slim.

  32. I have tried PTC sites like ClixSense before and realised that the time per earning ratio is not worth the trouble.

    But, i also feel that it is a good start and learning experience for Newbies and teenagers hoping to make money on the internet.

    Thanks for the informative review !!!

  33. hello,I am sorry to say this but Clixsense doesn’t make any sense for me because you make so little money,I want financial freedom and a system that will allow me the opportunity to quit my job and Clixsense doesn’t tick the right box unfortunately, watch videos for $0.02, I have tried so many programs but was not happy with them because of the promises they made,they were too good to be true,I even tried forex trading but that never worked out,I have not made money online but I trust the program that I am on which is the one you have recommended Wealthy Affiliate and I am happy with it.

  34. To think that i tempted to use Clixsense.
    As someone who has used Wealthy Affiliate I have found that it is the perfect platform in which to create an online business even using your own passion in order to do so.
    So yes I can say that what you said was good advice

  35. I did not understand what is ClixSense about until I come to your post. I really appreciate you sharing your content to people. Now, I know that Clixsense is just a waste of time. Also your site is set up professionally, and I like to contact, all the stuff about wealthy affiliate is perfectly honest. I go there and I couldn’t be happier.

    1. I appreciate your kind words and compliments, Eddie! You are right about ClixSense and I am glad that you are happy with Wealthy Affiliate. Do let me know if you run into any trouble and I will be glad to help!

  36. Thank you for the information. I have been a member of a couple of survey sites, ClixSense is one of them and I find that most of them do not work out to pay too well for the amount of time you have to put in answering questions and watching videos. Wealthy affiliate sounds like a much better option. Heading over to take a look right now!

    1. Hey no problem. Clixsense and other survey websites are not scams but they cost too much time and our time is much more valuable than just few cents. Wealthy Affiliate will give you better opportunity.

  37. Thank you for the information. I have been a member of a couple of survey sites, ClixSense is one of them and I find that most of them do not work out to pay too well for the amount of time you have to put in answering questions and watching videos. Wealthy affiliate sounds like a much better option. Heading over to take a look right now!

  38. Hi Kien, thanks for sharing your info on clixsense. I have not heard of them before. I am so sure about the pay for survey part but I like the ads feature part. Sounds like they have quite a few people in their organisation that could be potential customer for products and services. I will check them out. I have already heard of Wealthy Affiliate and I agree they are a great organisation.
    Thanks John

  39. That definitely works for me much better then worrying about making money doing games, videos, and offers of all sorts. I feel much better about my time spent so far using Wealthy AffiliateA for my passion. Mostly because it is my brand, my style, my niche, and my internet real estate.

  40. I have heard of ClixSense. It is a way to earn money by watching videos, playing games, watching ads, answering surveys, etc. One of the best things about them is that you can advertise through them. One thing is they don’t pay as much as some other sites do. But their affiliate program is great! It’s not a scam, but it takes up a lot of time.

  41. Absolutely outstanding post! I love that you’ve put both programs side by side and shown everyone what the difference truly is! I also really enjoyed the links to success stories. That makes a huge difference when deciding upon a program to make money online. I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best of the best just from my own experience with prior scams. This one is not a scam.

    I am super excited about being a part of this community and look forward to making money from it-which I believe I truly can. So, thank you for letting me know I have made the right decision. Good luck to you!

  42. I had to read this several times to really get my head around what Clixsense is and how it works. From the table that you showed on payment, it really jumped out at me how little you get paid. After reading further down I definitely came to the same conclusion as you, that there are better ways to get paid for your time. I really like the sound of the Wealthy Affiliate you talk about. It seems like it has a lot of advantages. Are you already a member of this scheme? I’m definitely going to take a look to see what it’s all about.

  43. Clixsense is really not worthy of your money and effort. It’s better to spend the money on real business and Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to do that. I’ve been with WA a few months already and so far their training is the best! Thanks for your in depth comparison between Clixsense and Wealthy Affiliate.

  44. Hi,

    I’ve been considering joining Clixsense but I have to be honest that it seemed a little bit confusing to me. Your review cleared a lot of things up but I still have a question.

    From what I’ve gathered it seems like Clixsense would be an okay way to make extra money online if you were already involved in affiliate marketing and already had a following. But it might be harder to start there from scratch.

    Sorry, got off topic. My question is….Do you get decent results from the advertising feature? That is something i would be interested in but only if i thought it would get be some decent targeted traffic.



    1. Hi Robert! I have never tried the advertise program there but you can do the calculation yourself to see what is the chance for someone to click on your ad. If you have 1 ad, the chance is 1/600. Your chance is improved when you have more ads.

  45. Well this was just such a great site. I loved it because I’m here and was thinking about checking out clixsense. It was so informative that I would love my sight to have that flow. Well I would say good luck but you shouldn’t need any. thanks CJ. I enjoyed reading about everything.

  46. Hi Kien. This is first time I read on Clixsense. I have heard about PTC, but I did not know there are many app to run this system. Interesting. So how does Clixsense really work? So I just need to set up account with clixsense then after that they will send to me all adverts and link and I just need to click on, am I right ?

    1. Hi Paige, if you want to sign up with ClixSense, please click here or click on the link I provide in my post. There are couple of ways for you to make money with it as I mentioned. Once you sign up, take sometimes to explore it then you will know how. I would suggest you not to waste your time on it tho but good luck!

  47. A very comprehensive read, thanks! I really enjoyed the honesty of your review of Clixsense. Some people are not always that straightforward and it is so refreshing to read! I am also glad to see that you offer an alternative to Clixsense. That way, I felt I gained some valuable information, answer my questions and also forestalling the next question of “what next?”.

  48. I am so new to all of this I had no idea what Clixsense was until I read your review it doesn’t look like you make a lot of money but, have to put in a lot of effort to just make a few sense. I’m sure it’s not a scam but, definitely not worth my time thanks for the review. Wealthy Affiliate sounds more like something I would join to make some extra income it also offers more training and support than clixsense.

  49. Kello Kien

    I have seen Clixsense banners around but never cared about it till now.

    that is because 3 weeks ago l read in a forum that clixsense had been hacked and the over half a million members were worried.This got me thinking is Clixsense so big it has so many members?

    My search online told me the site has been around since 2007,that say much about PTC sites that are come and go before you even know they ever existed.

    You have explained things so well about Clixsense.com that l could get all the info l was looking for.I can see their pay is not great even with the surveys and the clixgrid, to me, it’s still not worth the effort.

    You mentioned that money is in the referrals, but l guess for a program that has been around so long, it will be almost impossible to get any referrals at all.

    Thanks for answering the questions i might have had about Clixsense.

  50. I joined clixsense two months and so far i earned $13 already. Yes, it is not a scam. But it will eat your time. However, for those who wants extra income, they can definitely join clixsense, rather then browsing the net without any payment.

    I joined wealthy affiliate a month ago and I am enjoying the training and lessons in store with it.

  51. Thank you for your very helpful review. I had never heard of clixsense before, although I did try, the taking surveys method of making money in the past. I don’t believe I ever saw a dime from it, shored up a few bucks, and gave up. It takes way too much time.
    I like wealthy affiliate also, and your right, all the information can be completely overwhelming at first. I had to slow down and just follow the trainings. Worked like a charm, great review for both clixsense and WA. Enjoyed reading your post, and will look forward to seeing other income stream reviews on your site.

  52. Very good clixsense review. I’m always looking for ways to make a little bit more money and to also recommend ways to make money online to my readers. This may not be a great opportunity to become financially free but every penny counts! Thanks so much for a great review. It really made me understand what clixsense is all about

  53. So much negative about Clixsense… OK, let us put it another way. Do not bother with tasks, they are really not worth it. However, you should take surveys, they pay quite well. If you give contradictional answers, ANY surveys are not for you, this is not Clixsense’s fault. PTC side: they have excellent toolbar notifying you immediately when new ad comes. If you spend most of your time in front of your computer display anyway, making other business, you just earn without straining yourself. Why should you throw away this money? Just do not forget to take upgrade first, it is very cheap here.

    1. Sure if you can manage to do your other businesses and at the same time doing ClixSense, why not. Once you start making money with highly paid commission companies, ClixSense will then be gone from your life since you will that see it’s not worth your time.

  54. Yeah, I have been with Clixsense.com and you have to do a LOT of work for very little money. Matter of fact, I never saw any but I put a ton of effort into it. Not worth your while in my book. I personally like Wealthy Affiliate better as well. I am a premium member with them, and have never looked back. They are great!

  55. Hello, there,

    “So much to do, and so little money!”

    It seems to me that old motto of making people work for you, and pay peanuts for that work is just the same as it has been forever.

    I’d love to see something new that would be beneficial for both sides.

    Great article about clixsense!

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