What is IBOToolBox.com?

what is ibotoolbox


If you land on this page, most likely you are looking for more information on IBOToolBox. Follow this post till the end, and you will have an idea of what this program is about and how it works. I will also share with you my personal thoughts of IBOToolBox after having experience with the program for few months.

What is IBOToolBox.com?


IBOToolBox is a marketing platform which is developed to give internet marketers opportunity to promote their products. IBOToolBox uses a credit system that you can covert into impression for advertising. IBOToolBox has many features and one of them is called “IBOSocial”. Just think of it like your profile page in facebook where you can show your associates what you want to promote.

Out in Dashboard is where you see posts from other members and who just signed up. IBOToolBox will rank you based on how active you are in the community. Maintaining a high ranking will give you a chance to be featured in the front page of IBOToolBox.

Another feature is called Press Release. This is how you share with other members your new post. It can be contents from your website or a brand new content that you write. By doing so, IBOToolBox will reward you credits that you can convert into impression. (Credit to Impression ratio is 1:5)

There are several ways for you to earn credits. The first way is what I just mentioned above, by doing press release. Authentic content will get you more credits. The second way is to check on their credit center page. This is where you get a code which will help you earn 50 credits. They post it twice a day and by checking out this section, you are able to earn up to 100 credits/day.

When you sign up as a new member, you will get 500 credits as a sign up bonus. Referring someone to sign up with IBOToolBox, you will get 200 credits bonus. You can also earn 5 credits by commenting on a press release or a video only if you are ranked 5 stars and above.

They have a newsletter coming out on every Sunday. You can get a code there and earn another 100 credits. Every Wednesday, there is a training webinar and you will earn 400 credits after watching it.

Another method to earn credits is through TrialPay, whose IBOToolBox has partnered with. For those of you who are familiar with Swagbucks or InboxDollars, you may recognize this by discovering different offers in these apps.

Now, after doing all these activities above and you are still short of credits, it is time to purchase few more. Please refer to the table below:


There is a ClubIBO that you can subscribe monthly for $19.95. Just think of this as a Premium upgrade. The advantage of this is that anytime you purchase credits, your order will be doubled. You will be rewarded 16000 credits a month as a club member. You will also earn 30% commission on credits purchased by your referrals. (This affiliate program is a new feature that IBOToolBox just recently launched on 9/17/16.)

IBOToolBox does not engage in MLM system. In order for you to participate in their affiliate program, you will need to subscribe to ClubIBO first. You earn commission only from your direct referrals.

To folks who are running Adsense, you should consider to join IBOToolBox because it allows you to place 160×600 Adsense banner in your IBOSocial profile page. You have to log in to your IBO account every 48 hours to keep your Adsense active.

My personal experience with IBOToolBox

IBOToolBox is LEGIT and it is worth the try. I think with the new launch of the affiliate program, it will capture more attentions of affiliate marketers.

Promotion can be done in many ways such as creating Ads and Banners, doing Press Release/Video, sending PM to your associates, posting on Dashboard

The Ads program works fine. Conversion rate is about 3%. Below is a partial screenshot of my promotions:


Purchasing credits and subscribing to ClubIBO are completely optional. You can stay as a free member for as long as you wish and still get the benefit of promoting. However, free service is always limited as you all know. If you plan to promote one or two links, free membership will do the work. Beyond that, I would recommend you to join ClubIBO for more credits and also have a chance to earn commission from their affiliate program.

Here are few tips for you to promote successfully in IBOToolBox:

  • Filling out your IBOSocial
  • Sharing helpful tips to people
  • Engaging in other member’s posts
  • Doing Press Release/Video regularly
  • Remaining active to earn stay high ranking (5 or 6 stars)

So far LeadsLeap and IBOToolBox are two great Ads programs that I highly recommend. They are both free to participate so go check them out guys!

Join IBOToolBox here!

Please comment below if you have questions, and share my contents to other! 🙂

P.S: If you want to learn more about LeadsLeap, check out my post here!



45 thoughts on “What is IBOToolBox.com?

  1. Good review of IBOToolBox.com. There’s one thing that people like to ask about the site, which I think was not mentioned in your review here…

    Is IBOToolBox.com a network marketing or multi-level marketing opportunity? Can people earn from several levels of referrals or sponsorship?

    1. Thanks Gomer! IBOToolBox does not do MLM. The affiliate program they just launched only allows you to earn commission from your direct referrals. I will add this info into my post so it will be clear to other people.

  2. From what I can see from your article IBO toolbox seems to have the making of a good marketing strategy. Having a free membership shows me they are up front about what they have to offer. I also understand that as a free member, they reduce the benefits compared to being a paid member which to me, only makes good business sense.

    You mentioned about them now doing an affiliate program so when people sign up for free and say they convert to a paid member four months down the road, do they still count as your referral?

    In other words is there a time limit to when somebody may convert?

    1. As long as people join IBOToolBox under you after 9/17/16, they are qualified to be your direct referrals. And anytime they spend money, you will earn commission. It does not matter when they make a purchase, so no time limit. Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you for for the information on ibotoolbox.com. I have just got into online marketing and I think these credits are quite well priced. I am sure they will help me. I am building a website about motivation so I could do with promoting it!

    Thanks for info man, very helpful.

    1. IBOToolBox is free to join and you can remain as a free member for however long you want. The purchase is optional if you have a lot of products to promote. And definitely, you can build your website and promote IBOToolBox but you will only earn commission when you subscribe to ClubIBO. If not, you will only earn credits which will help you convert into impression.

  4. Hi Kien,

    I’m still not sure I understand what IBOToolBox does. Is it a tool that allows you to promote your products more effectively?

    Also, is it possible to to convert the credits to real world money? If so, what is the conversion rate?

    Regarding their affiliate program – it would also be great to know their commissions and main conditions of the program. You wrote about the 30% commission on credits purchased by your referrals, but in what form do you receive those 30% – also in credits or in real money?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Dmitriy, IBOToolBox is a place for you to advertise or promote your products. You don’t convert credits into money, but into impression so that you can use it for advertising. I have mentioned in my post that the conversion rate is 1:5. and the affiliate program is your chance to earn real money. Anytime your referral spend money on buy credits, you will earn 30% of what he spends. I hope that helps. The best way to understand is to sign up and check out the program yourself.

  5. IBOToolBox can be a great tool for promoting our business. Even the free version is okay for the start and converting to premium once proven how it really works. Thanks that I landed on this website, it will be a boost to join a program like this. It is not hard to understand how it works, simply, you website explains well on how to join the program.

    1. It is. I have used IBOToolBox for a while and decided to be a contributor. Now, I can run more ads and don’t have to worry about running out of impression.

  6. This sounds like a really interesting tool. I am currently trying to get my first ever website up and running and am still really new to all this.

    Do you think that this site will help me make money online? I am still looking to reach a wider audience with my content and this sounds like a great way to do so.

    1. IBOToolBox is a program which helps you promote your products and expose them to larger audience. And sure, you can make money with it if people join you as your referrals and they buy credits.

  7. I remember I tried IBOTool Box many years ago when I just got started with internet marketing and especially how confused I was when I login into the members area. I heard a lot of people are overwhelmed by the software.

    But I’ll give it a shot, how long did it take you to fully make use of IBOTool Box were you confused as well or did you get it right away?

    1. I totally understand you because that’s exactly how I felt about IBOToolBox. They have too many things going on in there. And to be honest, when you first join a new program, that’s how you see things. I took me like 3 or 4 days to get used to the program.

      I would recommend you to focus on the upper right corner. That’s where your command center is. From there you can go to DashBoard, credit center, my advertise, press release and other things. Those are what I go to everyday.

      Other than IBOToolBox, they also have IBOExtra and IBOBanner to help you maximize the ads promotion. But you can look at these 2 programs later on once you have a good sense of IBOToolBox first. The IBOToolBox itself can keep you pretty busy.

      I hope it helps man.

  8. IBOToolbox sound like a great place to promote your business. I like the many ways you can generate credit. I will check it out. The clubibo feature for $ 19.95 is not bad for all the things you can do with the credit you purchase and the added benefit of your credit being double every time.
    Adding an affiliate program make even more attractive for me.
    Thanks for the review.

  9. Hi Kien, thanks for the review of IBOToolbox, I’ve been a member for a while now and enjoy the membership. I like the fact that you can join free, and also use your credits to advertise yourself by displaying banners. Also as you explained, Press Release function is very effective in my opinion. Would you say it’s worth becoming a premium member, ClubIBO? $19.95 seems quite a lot, but I’ve been wondering about it for a while.



  10. Hello,
    Thanks for the review if IBOToolbox. I appreciate you clarifying that IBOToolbox does not engage in MLM. It sounds like a very lucrative way to boost one’s income whilst promoting products and services. Your tips to promoting successfully in IBOToolbox sound straight-forward and do-able. I see the affiliate program was launched fairly recently. I’d be interested to know your thoughts on it thus far, although based on your review,I do plan on trying this out regardless. Thank you for the information, very useful.

    1. Hi Maggie,

      I have good experience with IBOToolBox. I got some referrals to other websites that I am promoting so it is working out for me. If you can share with me what your niche is, maybe I can tell you if IBOToolBox is right for you. Anyway, check it out for yourself and let me know if you have any trouble.

  11. Your IBOtoolbox review has been detailed!

    There is a variety of ways to earn credits! In fact, endless choices! But, do ClubIBO members have more opportunities to earn credits? May the only difference is that free members can promote up to two links?

    I think it is worth a try as a free member.

    1. Yes, once you are a member of ClubIBO, they will give you 4000 credits every week. You will collect the code every monday to redeem it into impression. That will give you a total of 16000 credits a month. Also, whenever you purchase a credit package, the value will be doubled. And you are right, it is worth the try as a free member.

  12. IBOtoolbox is a marketing tool to promote what you are marketing. IBO social is a lot like Facebook. So that is where you need to go to post things about your product, talk it up, let people ask questions, and promote it’s features. Basically you earn credits to do things. You can post a press release which will get you credits. You can also get 100 credits a day by checking their authentic content twice a day. And you get 500 credits as a signup bonus. Referring someone gets you 200 credits. If you watch their training webinar every Wednesday, you can get 400 credits. And what do you do with these credits? You are promoting with ads and banners. And if you don’t have enough credits, you can always buy them.

  13. I have never heard of IBOToolBox but I would like to learn more. I have a website that helps people start their own cleaning service. I am looking to promote it and have affiliates. Is this something that I could use to promote my own site? I would be interested in giving it a try if so.

    1. It doesn’t hurt to try since it is free. I don’t have experience with cleaning service so I cannot tell you about the conversion rate but give it a try man.

  14. This is a great review! I’ve never heard of IBOToolBox before, but it sounds very interesting.

    You say the conversion rate for your ads are 3%, which seems a bit low to me. What I want to know is if you are able to choose your target audience when setting up an ad, or just really how the ad process goes?

    Also, is the 30% commission given in dollar amount, or in credit?


    1. The conversion rate is different for everyone depending on the appearance of your banners. It does not let you choose your target. If your niche is about internet marketing, this is the right place for you to place your ads. The 30% commission is given in dollars.

  15. Hi,

    IBOToolBox Sounds like an honest program. I’m still a little confused after reading your post.

    So are the credits only transferable to advertising or are you able to exchange them for money as well?

    I guess this could be a good way to get extra traffic to your blog or website but it does seem like you’d have to do a lot of work in order to get that traffic. I think that getting organic traffic from the search engines is still a better option even though it’s not easy either.

    Thanks for the info.


    1. IBOToolBox is a good program to my opinion. You get credits so that you can convert them into impressions. Each time someone sees your ads, it will cost you impression. The convert ratio is 1 credit = 5 impressions. You only earn money through the affiliate program but you have to be a member of CLubIBO in order to be qualified for their affiliate program.

  16. Thanks for a great review!

    IBOtoolbox.com looks to be an interesting site because of their state of the art marketing platform that are very helpful.

    This is a kind of platform that most of the people can look for to build and promote their online business.

    This seems like a good program and I want to give it a try.

    I will be doing some more research about this and include your reviews too before I join.

    Thanks for your information.

    Wishing you all the best.

  17. Thanks for the review of IBOToolBox. I sometimes read reviews like this mainly for one reason, and it is to one more time prove myself that I am on the right way. What I mean. I’ve gone through this internet earning types if it can be called. I count it as experience gaining period. Yes, you can earn some money for the short period. Some of such methods require a relatively large investment work like writing various comments and views, but they are not value added the time and job invested would not bear long-term fruit. The best way is creating your own online property a web page containing quality content which Google loves. A fair play with big G definitely will bring real results. In addition, Ad program like IBOToolBox will help boost up the traffic to my website which creates a great result on my page ranking.

  18. Thanks very much for the review. IBOtoolBox looks like a good opportunity, specially now that they have added an affiliate program. Definitely is a smart move on their part, so as to encourage people to sign up and for them to encourage referrals. One thing that I don’t understand though is what the credits are used for. Can they be redeemed for cash? Can they redeemed to purchase tools or services within IBOToolBox?

    1. Credits are used for impressions which are used to run your ad campaign. And no you cannot convert credits to cash. You use cash to buy credits. It is one way only. The only way for you to earn cash in IBOToolBox is to through their affiliate program. However, to be qualified, you have to be a member of the ClubIBO.

  19. Hi there kien,

    Very interesting an intriguing article. I have been a member of IBOToolBox for a couple of years now but I just can’t seem to figure out how to take best advantage of it.

    I do admit that it looks like a very powerful tool that I could use to much better effect.

    Do you have training on how to use IBOToolBox for better effect and results?

    1. Derek, They have a training in IBOToolBox. It is called “Market with Kris Training” where Kris will show you everything about IBOToolBox and other applications and how you can maximize your result in the program. I like those training since it is made in video, good demonstration.

  20. Hi there! thanks for a great article.

    One question, is IBOToolBox the free version very poor quality compared to the premium one? And is it worth trying the free one or outright buying the full one?

    How beneficial is this product for new affiliate and website authors?

    not sure if it will help me much as i am still new

    1. Hi Claire. IBOToolBox is a great ad program to me. When I first join, it is kinda difficult for me to understand how it works first especially if you are all new to online marketing and advertising.

      However, you will get used to it after study the program for a while. What I like about IBOToolBox is that you do not have to purchase credits for impressions if you do not want to. It will be limited because the impression runs out quick. Meaning that your ad is shown to many people inside IBOToolBox community. Buying credits will help you with that. Also, being a ClubIBO member will help you be qualified for their affiliate program.

      The idea is that if you don’t want to spend money on ads, it will take your time and your hard work to collect enough impression to run your ads.

  21. Thanks for the in depth review. I am new to IBOToolBox and the information was very helpful in navigating their marketing program. I like the fact that they have a free version so that you can see if you really like it. My website is about 3 months old so I need all the promotion I can get. I especially like the Press Release feature they have.

  22. Thanks for making sense of IBOToolbox for me!

    I have a lot going on and at first glance IBOToolbox is really confusing. I didn’t want to waste my time.

    You’ve helped me out immensely! Now I know what it does and that its worth my time, even as a free member!


  23. Very nice post about IBOToolBox. I have thought about investing in some sort of marketing or promotional tool to start gaining more traffic and this definitely seems worth it. Once I create some more content and develop my site a little bit more I will definitely keep this in mind as I move forward. Thanks for the info!

  24. I was pleasantly surprised by IBOToolBox when I first came across it! As a social networking platform, it really is a leader in the marketing world (around the areas of home business and online marketing) It’s not a huge social communtiy when compared to say Twitter etc but the members are very helpful and friendly. It’s a great environment of highly targeted visitors for home business entrepreneurs to rope in – nice to see you covering it!

  25. Good review on the IBOToolBox website and opportunity – this is something I hadn’t thought about looking into before but now I will. Thanks for posting all about the pricing and the ways to get additional credits – good to know stuff before actually plunging in. Also I can also conclude (without actually signing up) that this is a legitimate program and not a scam.


  26. Hello Kien

    Thanks so much for explaining how IBOtoolbox works,found a banner sometimes ago and without thinking, l signed up then realized l did not even know what to do or how to go on.

    You have explained things so well that anyone can follow and understand how things work at IBO toolbox and what is to be done.

    It helps that one does not have to upgrade to use the services although i must say,their affiliate program sounds promising.

    After reading your well written post, l can now clearly see why IBOtoolbox did not work for me in the beginning, things were just too confusing and i was not very sure where to start and no one explained things very well.

    Thanks again, I will check if my old membership is still valid and if not, i’m going to sign up again and see how things go this time.

  27. Hi Kien,
    I’ve been a member of IBOToolbox for a while, I find it useful but quite time consuming, earning enough credits to run convert to impressions to run ads.
    I suspect if I were to upgrade it wouldn’t be quite so difficult.
    I really like the press release feature that seems to work well for me.

  28. Hello Kien,

    I have been using IBOToolbox since 2013. It is the best tool for advertising your business for free. Thank you for reviewing IBO Toolbox. You have made it very easy for the average reader to understand IBOToolbox. Many people will sign up using this marketing tool because everyone is looking for a great way to acquire traffic to their website 🙂

  29. Thanks for a great review!
    I really appreciate your honest reviews, Stephanie! I was on the verge of joining this program and I did a little bit of research in order to assure that it is legit.
    Although IBO Toolbox doesn’t stack up too well against Wealthy Affiliate, the training, help an support is there, live too which is a huge benefit when comparing to the many scams out there.
    Are there any up to date promotional strategies to learn from as I read that most are outdated and that ain’t good for an ever evolving web based business?
    I am a blogger and looking to expand my business and certainly require some training on receiving visitors via Social Media into my website.
    How would you say their Social Media training stacks up against what Wealthy Affilite can provide as I’m looking to expand my skills through this avenue?

    1. Hi Dave, IBO tool box is free to join. I would say the advantage of this program is to let you write article and post it in the forum. Since IBO Tool Box is a well establish website, your content will get ranked easier.

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