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Note: Recently, LeadsLeap has released a “Social Review” section where you can write up short reviews of programs you want to promote.

Please click the button below to see my 2nd month result:

2nd month leadsleap

I discovered LeadsLeap about a month ago and I thought it would be nice to post a quick update on the program. If you don’t know what LeadsLeap is, please read here!

Basically, LeadsLeap is an advertising network where you can advertise and grow leads at the same time. Leadsleap is free to sign up and upgraded membership is an option.

Click below to see how your ad will be displayed in LeadsLeap. Notice that there is a blue button at the lower right corner. That is the time counter. A qualify visit is the one lasting more than 5 seconds. They will be rated by other members. A 5-star ad will be featured on the top section where it is easy to be recognized.

For over a month I have grown 9 leads. 5 of them are direct referrals and the other 4 come from spill over system that LeadsLeap generated automatically for me.

What is LeadsLeap 2.0 about
Result from LeadsLeap

Is LeadsLeap a MLM system?

The answer is No as it is explained by LeadsLeap itself:

What is LeadsLeap
LeadsLeap is not a MLM program

What is the benefit of having leads?

Once your direct referrals upgrade their memberships, you will earn 25% commission as a free member and 50% commission as a pro member. Since LeadsLeap is not a MLM, you will not earn overriding commissions from other downline members.

What can you earn from other downline members?

You only earn credits from them, not the referral commission. Credits will be converted into cash daily by LeadsLeap. However, in order for you to earn credits from other downlines members, you have to have at least 20 direct referrals. As your number of direct referrals grows, you will earn more credits from other downline members. Take a look at the chart below for more information on the earning percentage:

what is leadsleap
Overriding credit system

I currently run 6 Free Ads. I am allowed to run up to 10 but it would take me too much time to maintain enough credits for these Ads to run 24/7. As someone surfs my Free Ads, it will cost me 0.4 credits for every 5 seconds up to 3 minutes. Below is the result:

What is LeadsLeap
LeadsLeap Result

Since I am now a Pro member, I fully take advantage of the 10 Pro Ads that I am allowed to create. Once you are a Pro member, your Pro Ads will be run and rotated in LeadsLeap’ system 24/7. You don’t need credits to run them. Another cool thing about Pro Ads is that your ads will be pre-approved. They will be shown in the network immediately and reviews will be done later. Below is the result of my Pro Ads:

What is Leadsleap 2.0 about
LeadsLeap Result

Together, I have 2640 visits on both of my Free and Pro Ads for over a month which is not a bad at all. It’s up to you to choose where you send the traffic to. If all your ads point to your website, that will give your website more than 2000 visits a month and there is a possibility of referrals to other programs that you promote.

Overall, I think LeadsLeap delivers what it says about the potential visits which are from 800 to 1200 visits a month for a pro member. A free member will only get from 300 to 500 visits since he or she is allowed to advertise up to only 3  Free Ads.

LeadsLead doesn’t require you to upgrade to a Pro member. It is up to you to decide. I would suggest you to upgrade to a pro member within the discount period because you are offered $19.99/month if you take this discount. Otherwise, you will have to pay $27/month.

LeadsLeap pays through PayPal. Automatic cash-out is at $100 and payment is on the first week of each month. You can also cash out when your earning reaches $10. A 2% PayPal fee will be applied.

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23 thoughts on “Get Leads with LeadsLeap

  1. Hi Kien. Just went through your post on leadsleap. I am still trying to tie a few things on my site, but this sounds like something I would love to try out in the not so distant future.

    Would you recommend staying a free member or is it just worth upgrading to premium in terms of value for money?

    1. Hi there. I would recommend you to go pro since stay as a free member can waste your time and you would not see a good result since you can only create up 3 ads. It also depends on your niche. Different people got different result. You should sign up and stay Free first, experience it then decide later.

  2. This is a very interesting article. I have never heard of LeadsLeap before but I will be sure to check it out in a few months, once my site is up and going where I’ll need it to be. I’m still trying to get the knack of using WordPress! Anyway, this article was very informative and I look forward to coming back and checking out the freebie. Sounds like Leadsleap is one of few good advertising programs out there.

    Thank you for this and best of luck!


  3. Good detailed explanation of LeadsLeap. Looks like this is becoming a favorite among online marketers and everyone in the make money online niche. I see conversations online about LeadsLeap.

    Although I am just using this just to monetize the idle side bar of one of my websites, I am surprised to see some commissions sitting idly in my LeadsLeap account! That gave me an idea, that if I can put the widget to a lot more sites that I own, maybe I can accelerate the piling of commissions.

    1. I have to say that LeadsLeap operate in a very different way from other ads programs. I like that fact that you get to advertise and grow leads at the same time. This serves two purposes. One is to get referrals for other program and another is to generate income form your leads. While it is not perfect but still better than some other ads programs that I have come across.

  4. Using the affiliate program would you say LeadsLeap is a great tool to replace your income or just to supplement it? When it comes to traffic and leads I get overwhelmed with complicated systems, would you say it is easy to use or does it take some time getting a grasp of it? Would you say this is better then Google Adesense and if so why?

    1. Everybody get overwhelmed with anything new they try the first time. I would say LeadsLeap is not that difficult to use. Once you join, your command center is on the left side where you control your Free/Pro Ads, Downline Message, Affiliate link, Widget and other stuff. And LeadsLeap would become another income stream of yours if you are successful at it.

  5. That was very interesting, As I’ve never heard of LeadsLeap, thank you for the information and education. I’ve only heard of Google ad-sense but I realize there are other affiliate programs when one finds their niche. I like how you broke it out and explained in finite detail on how it works. I will check into it once I am further along. Cheers!

  6. Excellent review of LeadsLeap. I have been a member for almost 7 years. They were good before. Now LeadsLeap is even better. The new LeadsLeap Social Review is now providing additional traffic to my websites. For the members that provide reviews, LeadsLeap rotates their affiliate links, I also like their blog, which is a good source of info for online business building.

  7. I honestly am a bit skeptical to try LeadsLeap because this is the first time I have heard it mentioned. I might change my mind and take a look…
    Is it easy to use?
    How much time would you say a person needs to set aside to use it and get good results?

    1. Hey there! It is different for everyone. It depends on what your niche is. LeadsLeap will give you instruction once you join. If you read it, you will understand it. My suggestion is to give it a try since it is free to join.

  8. I am just starting to figure out advertising on my site so I am very glad that I was able to read your post on LeadsLeap. It seems that it has a multi-benefit which is great. I will need to look close to understand completely how it works. What is the discount period to sign up for the Pro version at the discounted price?

  9. I am a pro member with leadsleap, and I must say, although not perfect, it is a lot better than most other advertising programs out there.

    I have had at least one new lead a week from them on autopilot, and also referrals added to my downline. You just need to write compelling headlines for your ads to make sure they get more clicks.

  10. Leads are a critical part of so many business models. I have heard of these types of sites before and this one looks like a good one from your reviews. I do have a question though. Part of my apprehension of these types of sites has always been that I am afraid the people visiting my site are only clicking on it just long enough to meet the requirement to get their own leads or views. Then, when they earn their leads, the same thing will happen to them and so it possibly becomes just a big cycle of very short website visits that do not turn into valuable leads. So far, everything I have read about LeadsLeap this is not the case and it in fact has been proving to generate solid leads for users. What has been your experience with that?

    1. It’s true that most people care about clicking ads. However, there are other who actually read your ads if they are useful and informative. They have the real tracker tool that give you data on how long a visit is. If you want a better quality visitors, I would suggest go with Google or Bing but they are expensive and can burn out your pocket pretty quick if you don’t pay attention. I have good experience with LeadsLeap so far, got few referrals for other programs and also grow leads at the same time.

  11. This seems like a good system for a small business person to get some low price advertising. Advertising and marketing is very important but it can get expensive. I will consider this. I am taking a look at it right now to see it it is for me.
    It sounds very reasonable and definitely worth a try. Thanks for the post this is very helpful

  12. Hi there,

    Interesting review of LeadsLeap. I’ve been thinking about joining up, but was on the fence. Your review of advertising and capturing leads at the same time seems like a win-win. Thanks also for sharing your details, it give great insight into how this works. I noticed you recommended going ‘pro’ rather than stay a free member. Any other suggestions after signing up? Thanks!

    1. Well, after you sign up, you should go explore to see if it benefits you first. Read my other post for more detail on how it works if you are stuck. Then you can decide whether you should go pro.

  13. Hello Kien

    I have heard of leadsleap but in my mind, it was some mlm or some mass auto click traffic exchange program.

    something I’m wondering,can it be that leadsleap is already overcrowded with marketers?

    Although no one is required to upgrade,their $100 minimum to cashout is quite high,this may take time for those who can not promote and get referrals who upgrade or purchase something.

    I might be wrong.

    Really enjoyed your review and will sure try our leadsleap as after reading your review, i see it`s totally not what l thought it is.

    1. Hi there,

      According to Leadsleap, it is not a MLM program since they do not have the overriding commission. They have the overriding credit as a bonus for those who upgrade.

      The minimum payout is $10. If you don’t cash out then LeadsLeap will cash out for you when you reach $100.

  14. It looks fantastic to grow traffic by the exchange. I notice they said they are not MLM. So your downline is nothing to do with your affiliate revenue?

    I registered free member and I also notice you said a free member is just wasting time, right? The premium member cost $19, so from your experience what is the balance point between a free member and premium member? How do you think?

    1. Hey Goerge, there is nothing wrong with MLM. MLM is another way of building assets for yourself. But with Leadsleap, the business model is different and yes, I would say upgrade to a premium member so that the pro ad can run automatically for you. And as a Pro member, whatever you earn will be double compare to what a regular members earn.

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