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what is revenuehits

What is

RevenueHits is a CPA (cost per action) advertising program. It is owned and operated by Intango Ltd. which was founded in 2008. RevenueHits is one of the easiest advertising programs to sign up with and it is free. You get accepted immediately and can start making money right away.

This is one major advantage which sets RevenueHits aside from other advertising programs like Google Adsense or which is hard to apply for sometimes since it depends on where your traffic comes from and if you have sufficient amount of original content.

Since RevenueHits is a CPA program, the money is only converted when your traffic takes some sort of actions like signing up or installing a plugin,…To clarify, this is different from a CPC (cost per click) program where you earn money whenever someone clicks on your ads.

For that reason, with RevenueHits, I have seen blogs having more than 100,000 traffic every month and they make as little as $5 to $10 while some blogs having only couple of thousands visitors are making $100-$300 a month.

How to install RevenueHits?

First, you need to create an account with RevenueHits. It is very straight forward and you get accepted right away.

Once you set up your account, go to “Placements” tab. They have two types of setup. One is for desktop and another one is for smart phone. While desktop placement shows ads for both desktop and smartphone, mobile placement only shows ads for smartphone.

what is revenuehits
Desktop Displacements

Above are all selections for desktop placements. Pick one that you like and then fill in all required information for the ad to be created. Here is an example of creating a 728×90 Footer ad.

what is revenuehits

After you are done, click “Save”. Now, you have a new ad created under “Placements” tab. Next step is to get the code and place it in your website. You can choose on what post you want this ad to be displayed. Simply go to your post and place the html code in there.

You can also choose to display the ad in every post and page. For more information on how to set this up, please check out my post on monetize your blog with VigLink.

Remember that when you select Placement type as banner, there will be a “Placement properties” drop-down available for you to pick the kind of banner you want. Depending on your niche and the presentation of your website, choose one that you think will fit best with your page.

what is
RevenueHits Placement Properties

For mobile displacement, here are all the options:

what is
Mobile Displacements

To set up ads for mobile placement, please follow the steps above.

Ads Overview and Payment

Dashboard and Report tabs are where you see your data. There, you can see impressions, clicks, CTR, eCPM and revenue. eCPM can be varied from $0.00 to more than $30.00. It depends on many factors such as ads positioning, traffic geo, users’ behavior and your content.

For those of you who don’t know what eCPM is. eCPM stands for effective cost per 1000 impressions. From looking at your eCPM data, you can calculate your earning by using this formula:

Your earning = (eCPM x Impressions)/1000

Let’s say that you have a eCPM of $10.00 and there are 2000 qualified visits to your site (2000 impressions). Your earning would be (10.00 x 2000)/1000 = $20

RevenueHits pay you through either PayPal, Payoneer or Wire. Minimum threshold for PayPal and Payoneer is $20 and for wire is $500. You can choose to increase it.

My thoughts on RevenueHits

RevenueHits is a good advertising program not only for new bloggers but also for bloggers who have years of experiences. It’s is easy to sign up and you get approved immediately.

It is a creative way to use RevenueHits to convert traffic into income especially for those of you who have lots of traffic coming into your site.

RevenueHits is geo-targeted and generate more than 2 billions impressions every day. Therefore, it guarantees 100% fill in all locations. This feature will increase more clicks and conversion rate.

One thing to remember is that your revenue could be reduced if your visitors use Ad-blockers.

Join RevenueHits here!

Do you use RevenueHits? If so, what is your experience? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to share my content to others!

P.S: Have you heard of VigLink and SkimLinks? Check out to see how you can monetize your blog by using these two in-text advertising programs!

10 thoughts on “Increase income with RevenueHits

  1. Interesting, I have never heard of revenuehits before. Will have to check it out and experiment with it.

    Always interested to see what ways are best to increase revenue.

    You are correct in regards to being accepted by Google AdSense, it took a while for myself to get accepted.

    Thanks for the info!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to RevenueHits. It appears to be a good company. I like the fact that you don’t need to be approved before you can use their program. It annoys me when you have to wait a few days before approval, wondering if you are going to be accepted or not e.g Google Adsense.
    Looks simple enough to set up and you have it all done step by step. Cheers mate!

  3. Hi Kien! 🙂

    This was a great read! I’ve never heard of RevenueHits before. It seems like a great way to go for someone looking to monetize their site. I love how you explained everything. Now, i know what eCPM is I’ll definitely have to check this out. Thank you for all the information! 🙂

    Artistically yours,


  4. Hi Kien! Never heard about this company before, it’s very different of google adwords and as you’ve described revenuehits is not as picky as adwords, have you used it on your website?, I think I would try it out on my site when I get more traffic, thanks for the review, have a good one.

    1. Hi Mario,

      It’s Google Adsense, not Adwords. Adwords is where you advertise aka you are the advertiser. Adsense is where you publish aka (you publish other people’s advertise). And I use RevenueHits in my other websites.

  5. Thanks for the overview. Like other said, I’m tired of waiting on Google to approve my Adsense account. At the very least, this is something I can start using right away. Do you reccomend using this AND Adsense?

    1. You should read Adsense policy to see their requirement on number of Ads units allowed in your page. Personally I would recommend you not to run these two programs on the same page. If you have more than 2 websites, try to alternate different ads programs and see what benefits you best.

  6. I really appreciate you providing the views of how it looks on your webpage and the placements on desktop and smartphone. As I was wondering how it looks because I really believe in aesthetics. If it looks bad then I don’t want it on my site. These look professional. Thanks.

  7. I liked all the detail that your post has on how to install RevenueHits, especially the mobile views. I am not doing ads on my website yet, since it is a new site. Since it is a CPA site, what are there other actions besides signing up or installing a plugin that will earn me money? My site is so new that I am not yet trying to collect email addresses and I really not sure how I could benefit by signing up for RevenueHits.

    1. The actions are varied and very random. It can be signing up to an offer, installing a plugin or filling a surveys. Remember that the readers will have to do this so you can earn money. For your case, I would recommend VigLink since you will get accepted right away and it will help monetize your blog while you build your content.

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