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What is SkimLinks?

SkimLinks is a competitor of VigLink. Please check out my post on Monetize your blog with VigLink if you have not read it.

SkimLinks was founded in 2007. Basically, it is an in-text advertising program where it converts texts into affiliate links. What I like about SkimLinks is that it is SEO friendly and it automatically looks out for affiliate programs for you. The functionality of SkimLinks is very similar to VigLinkbut there are some differences.

While VigLink’s intention is to convert every link into a VigLink’s affiliate link, SkimLinks does not intercept with your current affiliate links at all. It gives you an option to do so. If you ask why it is important, here is the reason.

In-text advertising companies like VigLink and SkimLink will charge 25% of every sale that you make using their affiliate links. You get to keep 75%. While I think this is not a bad deal, it still bothers some folks who think using these programs will decrease their sales. SkimLinks absolutely understand this part and that’s why it leaves all your current affiliate links alone.

Installing SkimLinks

Just like VigLink, SkimLinks is free to sign up and there is no upgrade option. There are more than 20,000 merchants available for you to use. Please don’t ask me if SkimLinks will work out with your niche since I can’t tell you that. All you have to do is to join the program and test it out for sometimes if it works. One thing I know for sure is that if you are a new blogger and recently got your Amazon associate account canceled due to lack of sale, SkimLinks is a solution for you. Just remember that it will keep 25% of your sale though.

Create a free SkimLinks account here!

Registration is very straight forward. While VigLink approves you right away, SkimLinks manually checks out your site and decides if yours is qualified.

What is SkimLinks

Before you apply to SkimLinks, make sure that your website don’t promote any of the below:

  • Pornographic content
  • Violent or hateful content
  • Content of a religious nature
  • Content of a political nature
  • Content that promotes illegal activity

Also, it is good to have at least 10 to 12 posts in your site and do not have non relevant ads.

SkimLinks works with most blog platforms. There is an option of using plugin for WordPress. If you already have too many plugins in your page, I recommend you to use the code instead. Having too many plugins will slow down the loading speed of your site and may affect your ranking and traffic.

For information on how to add the code in your website, please read my post of VigLink.

After you get approved, you might want to download SkimLinks Editor for your convenience.

What is SkimLinks
SkimLinks Editor

SkimLinks Editor is an Add-on, a great tool to help you monetize your blog. In there, you can search for different merchants. It provides you an URL shortener, and an affiliate link generator. You can also add an Ebay/Amazon search box to your site. Affiliate links will be generated automatically when people use this box to search for products. The searches are geo-targeted so users arrive at the local version of the sites making them more likely to buy.


  • Easy to use
  • SEO friendly
  • Save you time from looking for affiliate programs
  • Low payment threshold of $10


  • Your site might get disapproved
  • It is a CPA (Cost per action), not a CPC (cost  per click) program

About payment, like VigLink, Skimlinks pays you through PayPal.

One more thing I want to say is if you operate multiple blogs, it is a good idea to try out VigLink in one site and SkimLinks in the other and see which one works better.

Create a free VigLink account here!

Create a free SkimLinks account here!

Do you also use SkimLinks? If yes, please share your experience with others in the comment section and do not forget to share this post to other!

25 thoughts on “Monetize your blog with SkimLinks

  1. I had just read up on VigLink a few days ago, so I am glad to find this post on Skimlinks. I am going to look into both and determine which one has more affiliate links that will work with my niche. That has been my problem. This is great information, and I am leaning toward this company, I am just hoping that they will have something that they can offer in conjunction with my niche, and that my website gets accepted.

  2. Reading your post learning about Skimlinks and Viglinks which i never knew before could help me out on my new website. I appreciate the information you gave out on how to apply, like getting up to 10 – 12 articles on your website and also not promoting religious, political contents etc. These are valuable information i will look up to and share.

  3. Hi Kien,

    I had never heard of SkimLinks or VigLink before. I didn’t even know these programs even existed.

    Thanks for outlining how these programs work. I think they can really affect my site for the better.

    My preference goes out to SkimLinks because they don’t affect the affiliate links already in place.


  4. I never heard of either of these – Viglink or Skimlinks – so being new to online marketing, this is great information. I like the idea of having search facilities for Amazon & Ebay on my website, so I will definitely check these out as soon as I have enough pages and posts on my website.


  5. interesting. i have never heard of SkimLinks and VigLink until today. Nor have I ever heard of the service they provide. mind you it does sound very interesting.

    the biggest downer to me, and you mentioned it, is that they take 25% of my earning which collectively can total to a lot. that is the only dampner. are they better than affiliate program providers such as CJ Affiliate?

    1. If you read my post again, I have mentioned that VigLink and SkimLinks are 2 in text ads programs. This is the reason why they charge you if a sale is made. SkimLinks will not intercept with your current affiliate links unless you tell it to do so. Therefore, you won’t be charged 25%. CJ is a different program. It is not an in text advertising and they are more careful on which site they approve.

  6. I had never heard of VigLinkor SkimLinks before I came to your site. SkimLinks sounds like a good supplementary income when trying out VigLinks or other affiliate ideas.

    I like some of the restrictions that it has since some of those topics are inappropriate all around. I hope others find your article helpful like I did.

  7. never heard of viglink or or skimlinks or even knew what they were until I’ve ran across your site. i can truly say its interesting yet appreciated. I’ve read this page over twice so far from top to bottom. keep it coming!

  8. Hi
    I was just wondering what in-text advertising program to use, your post is right on time.
    Thanks for the information about the minimum number of post to have before applying, I realize I need a few more.
    I’m also curious about the editor, but I think I’ll have to wait for my registration to try it.

  9. Hi,
    Interesting article didn’t know such a thing existed. I was curious how exactly these work as far as payment goes. I was going to register my website with amazon affiliate which my clients would get the product from them. But I’m curious as to if skimlinks would get 25% of the percent of the sale that I was getting already? Thanks in advance.


  10. I really had no idea that there was a service like this out there. I have literally created a folder in my bookmarks to organize all my affiliate links. This can get really confusing because I constantly have to check all of them daily which can be burdensome. I rally like that I can have a plugin that will manage all of them for me.

  11. Wow I have not heard of Skimlinks before. Got to try it out! and btw, I really enjoyed your site and theme. It’s really clean. I actually learned a lot from your site!

  12. Hey, this is very good, thank you for this information. I’m starting to worry since it seems I got my Amazon affiliate too early and now i’m struggling to get a sale, it’s good to see there are other options and its even better to see that they are just as good. Always providing very informative content, thanks.

  13. Wow. Really interesting stuff. I have experienced these type of links before as a user but not really understood what was going on. Now that I am on this side of the fence I can really see the point. I also check out your VigLink blog and tend to prefer the SkimLinks concept; being able to have that extra level of control is important for me.
    Thanks for the great information. Keep it up!

  14. Sounds interesting except for I don’t think I like that its CPA. It seems as though also there are a lot of those affiliate type programs out there, so is there any cost to be involved with this program. If so a lot of people will of course question it.

    1. There is no cost to get involved with these merchants once you are accepted by SkimLinks. This is not exactly a CPA type of program. SkimLinks help you get commission when it is possible and at the same time monetize your blog by placing relevant outbound link to your text.

  15. Hey Kien,

    Never heard of this program before. It sure sounds good to help with the sales, but keeping 25% of all your sales is kind of the big turn off for me.

    Although, if my site weren’t to make any sales, especially for Amazon, I’d surely chase it. There’s no need to try to keep 100% of the sales and make one or two sales in a month or two.

    It’s best to just join skimlinks and let 25% sales go but make consistent sales. That’s more appealing.

    1. Hi Dave,

      You can still join SkimLinks, it won’t affect your Amazon affiliate links unless you tell it to do so. SkimLinks only charge you when you make sales through it.

  16. Wow, what an unbelievably helpful post.
    I am getting a few blogs going and my favorite thing is just creating the posts themselves. I hat mucking about trying t find things to sell or worrying about monetization. I enjoy writing and creating so this sounds perfect.
    I just hope they have affiliate programs too suit my niches.
    Are there restrictions on which country you reside in?

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